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microllam lvl beams work well in applications all over the house. they can easily be built-up on site to reduce heavy lifting. no matter where theyre used, they install quickly with little or no waste.

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floor beam quick reference tables to use these charts: 1. select the correct table for the beam application you need. 2. choose the required beam span in the left column. 3. select the span carried on the top line. 4. read the beam size or choice of beam sizes from table. example: a 14'-0' span beam carries 15'-0' simple span joists on each side.

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page 6 georgia-pacific wood products apr 2015 engineered lumber residential guide notes: 1 . these span tables are based on uniform loads, as noted above; live load deflection is limited to l/480 for better performance. floor performance is greatly influenced by the stiffness of the floor joists . experience has shown that joists designed to the

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span tables. joists and rafters; headers and beams : size selection tables; headers and beams : allowable load tables . tables providing size selections for various beam spans and loading combinations for southern pine dimension lumber and southern pine glued laminated timber are available for the following applications: window, door and garage door

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tb-860 - tji joists header-off span table canada tb-319 - weyerhaeuser engineered wood products header-off span table; tb-861 - maximum factored point load applied to either member of 2-ply tji joists canada tb-834 - maximum point load applied to either member of 2-ply tji joists

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simplified span tables for southern pine lumber and glued laminated timber glulam headers, beams and girders. view size selection tables. view allowable load tables. disclaimer: these easy-to-use tables were compiled by the southern forest products association sfpa as a service to design/build professionals and other southern pine users.

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structural beam deflection and stress are the main contributing factors when determining joist span. this is the amount the joist will bend under different weights and the distribution of the weight. depending on the manufacturer of the joists, their span tables may be divided according to two live load deflections: l/360 and l/480.

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interactive span table if you are considering using jji-joists in your construction project, use our interactive span table to quickly identify the size and specification that you will require. this application will specify a list of acceptable jji-joists once you enter your support conditions, load case and clear span.

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please note: this older article by our former faculty member remains available on our site for archival purposes. some information contained in it may be outdated. using span tables to size joists and rafters is a strht-forward process when you understand the structural principles that govern their use. by paul fisette 2003 wood is naturally engineered

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engineered and traditional wood products. for more information see while every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the information presented, and special effort has been made to assure that the information reflects the state-of- span tables for joists and rafters.

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because strength and stiffness are important aspects to the structural capacity of the material, using these types of engineered wood may allow smaller beam sizes or longer spans in a building project. all engineered wood products can be sized from structural span tables provided by the manufacturer.

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can engineered lumber be used in deck framing floor beam span tables calculator microlam beams span tables table design ideas versa lam lvl size chart laminated beam span tables charts 77 symbolic header span chart beam anthony forest products co. microllam lvl beams weyerhaeusermicrolam beams span tables table design ideaslvl beam span table pastringlvl beam

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table 9.1 in span tables for joists and rafters figure 5 gives a required compression value of 237 psi for a span of 16 feet and bearing length of 1.5 inches. the tables permit a bearing length of up to 3.5 inches, but since 1.5 is probably the worst case that you'll encounter for joist or rafter bearing, it's a safe value.

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the following easi joist span tables are to be used as a basic guide to achievable joist span for given depth and spacing, and should be used for estimating of feasibility only. due to variations in timber grades, load sets, support conditions and bearing widths, the tables are not suitable as a design tool.

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accordance with icc es esr-1153, and these increases are reflected in span tables . the following formulas approximate the uniform load deflection of inches : w = uniform load in pounds per linear foot l = span in feet d = out-to-out depth of the joist in inches el = value from table above for tji 110, 210, 230, and 360 joists