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i posses a delta 14" bandsaw that is a metal wood bandsaw. this is from delta/ rockwell. there is a reduction gearbox built in on the back. one lever pull switches it from 3000 fpm to 180 fpm there is no other difference i find on the saw.

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differences between a metal and a wood band saw?

differences between a metal and a wood band saw? nice piece of cast-iron that has been nicely rebuilt. i wondered whether this saw would be suitable for light metalwork use, mainly on smaller aluminum parts, perhaps with a maximum of cutting aluminum bar for mill vise jaws.

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wood cutting vs metal cutting band saws 12-31-2007, 03:28 pm. i'm slowly getting equiped in metal working. i have a fairly heavy duty floor model 14' band saw. most wood saw are not built to handle the stresses of metal cutting puts on it. i have a wood saw and i cut sheet steel with it, but it is hard on it non the less.

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the main difference between a wood band saw and a meat band saw is the blade. there are many types of band saw blades; some are better for cutting wood and others are better for cutting meat. if you are looking to convert a wood band saw to a meat band saw, then the easiest way is to replace the blade.

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difference between metal/wood/meat bandsaw. is there any real difference in the motor or is it just the type of blade you use, why im asking is that i found a meat bandsaw on cl which looks decent and the guy posted it as a metal bandsaw metal band saws often operate horizontal instead of vertical, and generally include more speed control