become a contractor in kentucky

kentucky contractor licensing

do i need a kentucky contractor license? general contractor licensing is not state-wide. contact your local city/county for regulations. ce requirements: differs by municipality

key questions to ask before vendor negotiations begin

it's important to stretch your budget, but nailing a vendor to the wall for the lowest price isn't a good way to do it. find out how to prepare for and conduct negotiations where everyone wins.

kentucky is first state to get federal ok for medicaid

kentucky is first state to get federal ok for medicaid work requirement. ky.-- kentucky has become the first state to require many of its medicaid recipients to work to kentucky, along

how to become a general contractor in the state of kentucky

as of 2010 there is no requirement for licensure as a general contractor in the state of kentucky. however, several of the larger cities/counties do require that general contractors be licensed in their jurisdiction. regardless of location, all contractors in the state are required to obtain a business license for the

mentally ill prison inmates are dying. are private health

"the problem is when you have only three players, it does become kind of a revolving door among those three players, or a game of musical chairs, and all too often things don't really change in a

at&t goes to war with google fiber in louisville: why ma

at&t recently filed a lawsuit against the city of louisville, kentucky after it passed a measure to allow google fiber to use utility poles. here's why it could derail the future of fiber.

prequalification kytc - kentucky transportation cabinet

instructions for prequalification application: kentucky revised statutes: prequalified contractor list: requesting additional work items: revised application for certificate of eligibility: rules and regulation for prequalifications of contractors: work item incidental list: work item list: work item c1 and c2-asphalt paving: work item g1

tips for success as a subcontractor - techrepublic

the bottom line is that if independent is your favorite part of being an independent contractor, think twice before you become a subcontractor. how the kentucky bourbon industry is going high

2019 kentucky contractor licenses: search/lookup, electrical

as mentioned, a contractor needs to match the qualifications needed to get licensed. this is why having a license shows that he has the qualifications. a license also opens the contractor to more work opportunities both big and small. do your homework and make sure the licensed kentucky contractor is an experienced one.

how to become a general contractor in kentucky: license

kentucky contractors licenses are managed at the local level, usually by municipal and/or county boards. observe the requirements and associated fees to become a general contractor in ky.