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building a patio deck over concrete: time, money and tools. family handyman. time: covering a patio with decking typically takes a weekend or two. this patio took much more timefive long days. thats partly because its a big one 14 x 28 ft. . the grid pattern formed with different-colored decking also added a few hours to the job.

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door thresholds have to be high enough above the existing patio to allow for the thickness of the border pavers, plus an extra 3/4 in. to allow for frost heaverising of the slab when the soil freezes. expanding cracks. this method will work over most crackswhich grow and shrink with seasonal ground movement.

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decking on existing patio. discussion in 'carpenters' talk' started by wayne richardson, may 31, 2012. page 1 of 2 1 2 next > wayne richardson new member. hey guys, im doing a job for a friend which i have a small issue with. he wants a timber deck built over an existing patio, done loads of decks before but never on a hardstanding

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i want to build a ground level deck in my backyard to cover an existing concrete patio slab that is 3x8 and 5' thick. i am having trouble figuring out how to cover the patio slab since i only have 2-½' from the slab to the bottom of the threshold.

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install the first deck board. if a single board will not span the width of the patio, cut it with a circular saw so that its end lands on the middle of a sleeper. take extra caution to ensure that the first course is aligned correctly because successive courses will run parallel to it. secure it to the sleepers as per the manufacturer's instructions.

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most of the time you will need to break the concrete apart using a sledge hammer or jack hammer and haul the debris away. some builders choose to build over the stoop instead. the first step to building over a concrete stoop is to install a ledger board on both sides of the stoop.

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installing composite decking over a concrete porch in most decks, two-by-fours arent acceptable to use as joists. theyre too thin, too flexible, and leave you with a bouncy deck surface.

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the nature of raised decks makes it easy for them to be installed over existing paving or sand. in fact, experts point to the installation of floating decks as a cost-effective way of covering dated or worn brick or patio. depending upon the size of your project, you should likely be able to complete the installation process in one or two weekends.

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if you're installing on an existing concrete pad, drill into the pad and install concrete anchors to secure the brackets. step 3 when the posts are in place, mark the tops by holding a chalk line on the height mark you made on the house.

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plus, you can install seven trust decking easily over a patio or on a rooftop space on a sleeper system. a sleeper system is a substructure comprising joists that sit between a solid surface such as concrete and the decking.

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installing decking over old decking will drastically reduce the lifespan of the material. the joints between two materials will readily trap water in wet environments. this contact area should be limited only to the top of the joists, leaving most of the decking exposed on both sides.

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if your new deck will extend beyond the existing patio, lay out the pier blocks as needed. bridge from the concrete slab to the first pier block with a pressure-treated joist board of standard widththe joist extension board.

install a ground-level deck over a concrete patio

install the sleepers directly on the concrete. the old patio's surface must be solid and reasonably flat. gravel, sand, dirt, and concrete pavers are not suitable materials upon which to install the sleepers and decking because the sleepers are not sturdy enough to span gaps, as with a normal raised deck.

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virtually any do-it-yourself deck flooring can be installed over hardwood. by installing outdoor tile over wood deck surfaces, you can give your old wood deck a complete makeover. not only that, but you can actually protect your deck from further damage.

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our thin remodeling pavers are specifically designed for overlaying existing concrete. installation is fast and easy and requires no demolition of the old concrete and wont disturb your landscaping. our thin pavers come in the plantation paver and 2-piece lowcountry cobble square and rectangle.

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we discuss some of the challenges of building a porch roof over an existing deck. advertisement. porch building how to build a roof cricket or saddle . building and framing a shed roof is not as challenging as you might think. discover the step-by-step process for how to build a shed roof at installing a patio is a big project

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wood or synthetic decking is fastened to the deck frame over the drainage assembly, and soffit or ceiling systems can be fastened to the bottom of deck joists for a finished appearance from below. the seven trust rainescape troughs divert runoff to downspouts positioned near the joist header.

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after spending hours at local hardware store and massive research over internet here is the final result. decking over concrete slab- quick diy quick diy. how to install a deck on concrete