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rotted roof decking cannot be repaired -- it must be replaced. roof decking sits beneath the shingles used to protect the house from the weather. moisture that passes this covering and seeps into

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our 2×6 southern pine 1 select face t and g-v roof decking is better than most because we grade the face the side with the v so that its free of stain and open decayed knots/holes that you could stick a thumb down in. popular options include: endmatching tongue and groove on the ends so the pieces do not have to meet on supports

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solid wood roof decking products . kootenay innovative wood has expanded their t and g roof decking products to include pre-drilling, double t and g and additional sizes; 2×6, 3×6, 4×6. our t and g roof decking is available in douglas fir, fir/larch, spruce or western red cedar and can be end-matched upon request.

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in the kansas city roofing market, here is what to look for. when you are doing a roof tear off, it is important to determine if some or all of your roof deck needs to be replaced. most residential roofs are made of wood roof decks. there are exceptions to these like metal b deck or concrete, but these are very infrequent.

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summer calls for sultry nights under the stars and sun-drenched cocktail gatherings, making the backyard deck the ultimate destination this season. for those who desire a bit more shade and privacy while soaking up the rays, however, a deck roof may be in order.

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when replacing roof decking, you first need to get rid of the old, rotten section. you may need to cut a little extra to expose enough of the trusses and make sure you get rid of all the rotten wood. set the depth of your circular saw to the thickness of the roof decking. cut away the damaged area.

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roof from the deck loads. i like rubber roofing for this, framing the roof whenever i install decking over a roof, i make sure the framing is structurally sound and properly pitched to drain water. the project illustrated here was a com- wood preservative to all the cut sides and ends to help prevent rot.

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special features such as walking decks, roof top swimming pools and bars will also need extra support. for residential buildings, the most common type of roof deck is plywood or tongue and groove wood systems. wood generally stands up to the weight of almost any type of roofing material placed on top, although tile may require extra reinforcement.

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rotted plywood cannot support the weight of a roof the way healthy wood can, nor can it safely grip the nails put into the roof and keep them held firm. moisture causes wood to rot, and rotten wood absorbs water even more readily than fresh wood. if there is rotten decking, the shingles are most likely letting moisture in.

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made up of multiple layers of wood strands compressed at odd angles to each other and bound with water-resistant adhesives. it comes in 4-by-8-foot panels, as does plywood, and is commonly used interchangeably with plywood, such as for roof decking. it is a little cheaper than plywood, which is why it is popular on housing tracts as a cost

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since roof decking is made from wood and wood composites, it is particularly susceptible to rotting and water damage when continuously exposed to sustained or excess moisture. water seeps into your roofing system in many different ways. old and worn out roofing shingles, overflowing roof gutters or spouts, torn flashing around chimneys, ice

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this article discusses the requirements - specifications for roof sheathing nailers or plywood or osb and underlayment roofing felt for wood shingle - wood shake roofs, including roof decking needed under wood shingles/shakes: roof sheathing requirements, underlayment roofing felt requirements under wood shingles - shakes, using a shingle course felt interlayment on wood roofs, using