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the new zealand building code and so should be securely and safely constructed. this guide describes a 1.2 metre high cantilevered timber wall which consists of vertical posts embedded in the ground supporting horizontal rails. it includes drainage behind the wall which is an essential part of any retaining wall construction. the type of soil which is retained and into which

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an owner wishes to form a level platform for a garden below a neighbours driveway. to do this, she intends to construct a 1.2 metre high retaining wall. as the proposed retaining wall is subject to a surcharge from the neighbours vehicle driveway, it will require a building consent. a retaining wall ranges in height from 900 mm to 1.8 metres.

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a build-up of water behind the wall is the principal cause of retaining wall failure. figure 1: surcharge and zone of influence. 1.5 m maximum surcharge 45 zone of influence figure 2: mass concrete or rubble gravity retaining wall. pressure is essential, except for walls that retain free-draining sand.

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redi-rock retaining walls are a proven, engineered solution for building erosion control walls, shoreline protection and storm channel walls, retaining walls for highways and bridges, and much more.

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at 300kg each, stonebloc is a gravity wall system which can be easily reinforced post installation to create a cantilever wall. the sandstone finish on the blocks ensures a timeless aesthetic which complements and enhances the surrounding environment. choose stonebloc, new zealands greenest retaining wall system.

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the retaining wall runs for approx 10 metres. at places the retaining wall is on the boundary, at other places it is on our property and at others, it is on the neighbours section. the retaining wall was built well before we bought our house approx 10 years ago and the neighbours bought the section.

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standards new zealand gratefully acknowledges the contribution of time and expertise from all those involved in a2 retaining wall with surcharge .. 115 a3 retaining wall with backslope .. 116 b1 cast-in-situ concrete piles centrally reinforced to support cantilevered

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a retaining wall is built to hold back a bank of earth where there is a change of grade. there are different types of retaining walls, and not all require a building consent. a retaining wall must be designed to: support the lateral load or pressure of the earth or fill behind it and any applied loads, such as cars or structures,

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if there is a fall of a metre or more from the retaining wall, you may be required to include a safety barrier see building code clause f4 - safety from falling . factors to consider include the purpose of the wall, how accessible it is, and whether young children will be around.

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of the retaining wall, and > if there are no foundations within 1.5m of the top of the retaining wall, and > if the ground behind and in front of the wall is horizontal > the wall needs to be built on and supporting competent soils. by this we mean, if difficult soil conditions are encountered expansive soils, peats, uncontrolled fill,

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hi all, i am building a new house in wellington. our section is on hill but has been flatted by the subdivision. i have a question regarding retaining wall so i am really hoping someone could help me here. basically the left hand section of mine is higher and the right hand is lower.. my question is who's responsible to put retaining wall in both borders? is it the upside land owner so i have

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so one of the main tasks required of a retaining wall is to drain water out of the bank behind. if a wall doesnt drain well, even previously dry earth in the bank will gradually become waterlogged until it fi nally pushes the wall over. retaining wall fundamentals materials retaining walls perform heavy and important work.

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surewall is a retaining wall system that uses steel posts and timber rails to generate an aesthetically pleasing, flush finished, non-obtrusive retaining wall system that is very quick and easy to install by any able-bodied diy person.

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for retaining walls 1 m or higher, the new zealand building code may require a safety barrier at the top. in domestic situations this is likely to be required where the wall is beside an access path to the house. materials 150 x 150 x 2400 mm long timber posts treated against decay to h5 standard

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gravity retaining walls including concrete cantilever walls, mass masonry walls, crib walls, gabion walls may reach the ultimate limit state by several different modes of deformation: overturning sliding foundation bearing failure deep seated slippage yielding of structure internal stability .

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gabion hynds stonebox the hynds stonebox enables retaining walls, free standing walls, or stone facades to be quickly and architecturally constructed. ideal for urban landscape application, the hynds stoneboxes are manufactured in a range of standard sizes and are constructed out of 6mm steel bar that is double hot-dip galvanised.

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retaining wall construction retaining walls , we specialise in all types of retaining walls. we are a recommended contractor to construct keystone retaining wall systems and are well set up to construct timber pole and rail with a number of successful projects under our belt.

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rocklok. a great looking, durable and easy-to-install nz made product, the rocklok system is bowers retainings latest retaining wall innovation. born as a complement to their existing range, this sensational new product improves existing connection strengths, providing extra safety and performing better when critical loads are present.

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expect high performance with the first-ever segmental retaining wall system that has conducted full-scale seismic testing. important information. engineering advice should be sought for walls exceeding 900mm, or for retaining walls supporting an additional load, eg. driveways, buildings or slopes etc.

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