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throw a botox party? - cbs news

"dr paul nassif is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in beverly hills. he's probably the most famous doctor in the world right now for botox and botox parties," his assistant told guests

are you feeding your cat all wrong? - cbs news

are you feeding your cat all wrong? —next, grab a plastic egg carton, an ice-cube tray or another clear container, and fill it generously with food. red carpet arrivals

eco friendly recycled carpet, environmentally friendly

if you want the cleanest, most sustainable carpet for your home, opt for everstrand. this pet polyester fiber is thoroughly purified for the cleanest strand and easy to keep clean with advanced soil and stain protection. and, with up to 100% recycled content, it's the world's most sustainable carpet.

laminate how it's made - carpet your world

a home consists of what's under your roof and what's under your feet. floor coverings have a huge influence on your home and home life. they impact interior beauty, design, comfort, livability and upkeep, thus floor coverings can make or break a home.

pollution forms a new kind of rock, "plastiglomerate

discarded plastic is finding its way into newly formed rocks on the beach in hawaii. you create an entirely new kind of rock: plastiglomerate. is a rock star of the classical world, and he

your world ccp01 - soft fleece carpet & carpeting: berber

see shaw's new life happens water proof carpet. explore carpet colors, patterns & textures. see the latest trends in carpeting & order samples. your world ccp01 - soft fleece

'wickedly perfect' rubber stamping - cbs news

'wickedly perfect' rubber stamping. to stamp any object with a wood or plastic mounted rubber stamp: new zealand writer-director taika waititi's rollicking world war ii satire centers on a

laminate styles - carpet your world

because any floor covering in your home impacts interior beauty, design, comfort, livability and upkeep. it’s a fact, floor coverings can make or break a home. knowing the basic types of laminate and laminate installation can provide you with a firm foundation upon which to begin your laminate shopping journey.