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hi everyone, when we built our pool we had them put in a concrete deck with texture on it.. then paint of some type. typically referred to as kool deck or close to that. it has been about 5 years now, and i am tired of the color and want it darker. what options do i have diy wise in terms

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deck stain ideas two tone cedar deck stain best deck stain deck cleaning deck colors deck stain colors deck repair deck furniture decks and porches what others are saying the deck color, stain or coating not only enhance the exterior beauty -- enriching the look of the deck -- but also protect the wood from household spills, nature stains or

cool pool deck coating

for about $1/square foot, you can have the only pool deck paint coating on the market that keeps concrete cool on hot summer days. cool can even be applied over existing kool-deck and cement-based pool deck coatings to give them a fresh appearance that either maintains or develops a cooling feature.

cool pool deck coating. everything you need to know

thinking about buying cool for your hot pool deck? watch this video for some in depth information regarding everything you'll need to know about this product. yes, it's lengthy, but it's packed

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about az sun decking. our company, formerly known as seven trust decking and concrete surfacing, has been doing business in lake havasu city for over 28 years. we are members of the lake havasu area chamber of commerce, colorado river building industry association and the better business bureau.

cool pool deck coatings adds color and slip resistance.

cool is applied over your pool deck surface and restores it to look brand new. customize the color of your deck by mixing in a gallon of acrylic paint color sold separately of your choice to perfectly compliment outdoor decor. cool pool deck coating is easily applied via traditional paint rollers and dries within 30 minutes.

mortex concrete decking products, systex deck paint

systex deck paint is formulated to provide a tough, durable, breathing film for the protection of previously painted, unpainted or textured concrete pool decks and walking surfaces. systex paint will resist the effects of weather, water, abrasion, and pool chemicals.

sherwin-williams introduces new cool feel color technology

cleveland may 10, 2018 sherwin-williams introduces new cool feel color technology to its superdeck solid color stain. developed to reduce deck surface temperatures by up to 20 degrees fahrenheit, superdeck solid color stain is available in 20 rich colors that help keep decks cooler to walk on, compared to conventional colors.

wood decking options that stay cool in the summer heat

wood decking options that stay cool in the summer heat. posted on august 30, 2017 by ben roberts . if you live in a hotter climate, its important to make sure you choose a decking material that will keep its cool during the summer months. needless to say, nothing is worse than stepping out on your deck in the middle of july, only to be

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the maker of kool-deck makes a deck coating, but they say it will make the surface hotter and slicker. i have put cool on top of kool-deck and it keeps the surface cool. my customers have been very happy with the product and i've had zero complaints. one thing that i love about this product is that you add a gallon of acrylic paint to it to get

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cool deck is a surface coating designed to be applied to the top of concrete. when cool deck is applied, it reduces surface temperatures and withstands environmental heating and cooling better than concrete alone. cool deck lasts for years, but in time cool deck can become weathered.

h and c acryla-deck water-based deck coating sherwinwilliams

give your concrete decks and floors a long life with acryla-deck water-based solid color 100% acrylic deck coating, a high satin-sheen floor stain designed for interior and exterior residential, architectural, commercial and light-industrial spaces.

kool deck paint colors

kool deck paint colors. kool deck paint colors. this 'kool deck paint colors' graphic has 11 dominated colors, which include uniform grey, tin, steel, kettleman, black cat, pig iron, thamar black, silver, sunny pavement, black, dwarf fortress. it makes so beautiful color combination inspired from this image.

cool pool deck coating keep pool deck cool

cool is a one-of-a-kind pool deck coating from encore that repairs and resurfaces your concrete pool deck while reducing heat build-up by as much as 38%. cool is also easy to apply. cool is applied with an ordinary paint roller and dries in minutes

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for about $1 per sq. ft., you can have the only pool deck paint coating on the market that keeps concrete cool on hot summer days. can even be applied over existing cool deck and cement-based pool deck coatings to give them a fresh appearance that either maintains or develops a cooling feature.

mortex concrete decking products, keystone kool deck

keystone kool deck concrete topping was invented by mortex in 1962. it is a beautiful surface for swimming pool decks, walkways, patios and virtually any foot traffic area. once applied it generates a colored, textured cement surface that is as strong as the base concrete. settle for nothing less than the very best.

cool pool deck coating: concrete surface paint encore

tired of hot pavement? get the concrete surface protection you need with encore cool pool deck coating, the most trusted concrete paint in the industry.

h and c acryla-deck solid color hi-build coating

a high quality exterior hi-build latex deck coating that provides excellent protection and beauty for both exterior and interior concrete. back how to paint and stain decks back how h and c acryla-deck hi-build deck coating with cool feel technology is designed to reduce the temperature of concrete surfaces exposed to uv rays by up to

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the colored textured cement surface of the kool deck system is comprised of a blend of synthetic iron oxide pigments and natural fibers that help lower the surface temperature in the deck. the mortex corporation recommends the use of systex deck paint when painting over your kool deck.

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blue and white stenciled super pretty blue and white stenciled deck lends quirky charm to this yard. source: were not saying theres anything wrong with opting for a classic natural wood stain for your new decking addition but, before you do, take a look at these amazingly colorful painted deck ideas . a pop of color on your decking can really enhance the individual

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so overall, a cool deck requires little maintenance, endures traditional wear and tear, and extends the life of your concrete, making it a very economical choice. how do i know if its a kool deck? sometimes its hard to tell if you have a genuine kool deck a trademarked product or if your concrete is simply textured or stamped.

cool low-maintenance composite decking

for example, aluminum decking stays pretty cool. aluminum decking would be a good choice if temperature is your number one concern. the dbacks to aluminum decking are: looks like metal, feels and sounds like tin, does not do a good job of imitating a traditional deck board and feel.

how to apply kool deck around a pool hunker

kool deck, manufactured by mortex, provides a cool, textured surface that bonds with any concrete surface. it helps to keep concrete pool decks cool to the touch even on the hottest days. available in a number of colors, the deck treatment complements any landscaping around the pool.

kool deck

kool deck has never been a paint, nor will it. as stated in our guide on kool deck imposters above, the knock-off products of the decking world love to have you believe they are equivalent to a superior kool deck surface.