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batman: arkham asylum - faq/walkthrough - xbox 360 - by

there is a second wooden wall next to the third spore. after collecting the sample, move forward a few inches and wait for croc to smash his way through. hit him, then continue forward. the fourth plant spore isn't too far from here. killer croc will destroy the wooden planks near the fourth plant spore, effectively cornering you.

okami - faq/walkthrough - playstation 2 - by forweg - gamefaqs

beside the revived sapling are some nightingales you can feed. head back down the path, and beside the second tree to the right are some deer to feed. now go back until you reach the cave tunnel again, but instead of entering, go a bit right (west) of it to find some horses. run north from the horses to a wooden fence and tilt the camera up.

walkthrough, part ii - dragon quest xi: echoes of an

from the ruins of gemma and dunstan's house, go southeast and across the bridge leading southeast and enter through the large wooden fence. inside the large wooden fenced area, go southwest and climb up a ladder. once up the ladder, circle around to the north to find a phial of magic water. from here, drop down and go toward the last bastion

radiant historia: perfect chronology - walkthrough - 3ds

to the left is a hidden chest which contains a fang charm. talk to the farmer in the right field to advance the [what was inherited] sidequest. open the chest next to him which contains a first aid kit. walk up between the upper row of crops and the fence to find a hidden chest which contains the sleep gas scroll for marco.