disadvantages of deck screws

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5 safe places to put your smartphone while driving. distraction-free driving with a high-tech phone sometimes boils down to choosing the right low-tech mounting system.

decking board fastener pros & cons part 1

this article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of deck screws, one of the most popular types of deck fasteners. painted head screws for decking installation deck screw advantages. 1. deck screws are durable. today’s corrosive-resistant deck screws are made to withstand the elements and still remain firmly fastened in place.

the advantages of screws hunker

screws provide a mechanical advantage. driving in a screw takes less force expended over a greater period of time than driving a nail into the same material. for builders using hand tools, this can make a construction project far easier when screws are involved. with power tools, screws require less force and place less strain on the tool's motor.

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what are the advantages of countersinking screws?

the countersink provides a crisp circle around the screw head. as matt mentioned in his comment, you can buy self-countersinking screws which ream out some of the wood around the head as you set the screw. i've used some self-countersinking deck screws and still managed to split a few 2x4s.

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the advantages of star or torx drive screws - allen's

the advantages of star or torx decking screws. some history: let’s give credit where it is due! developed in the 1930’s, the phillips head screw was a real breakthrough in technology.

what are the disadvantages of screws? hunker

screws can rip right through certain materials, making them a poor fastener choice for weak, thin woods. door skin (1/8-inch plywood) and similar materials may allow screw heads to sink or rip right through. very soft woods such as balsa will also sink or dent under the pressure of a screw head being driven in.

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hdmi vs. displayport vs. dvi vs. vga: which connection to choose? if you're looking to connect a computer to a tv or monitor, your choices are hdmi, displayport, dvi, and vga.