post tension deck fasteners

thrulok through bolt replacement multi-ply beam fastener

thrulok is a multi-purpose structural wood-to-wood fastener that replaces carriage or through bolts. it is perfect for specific applications such as multi-ply beams, girder trusses, deck posts and many places where a traditional carriage or through-bolt is used.

deck framing connection guide

dtt deck tension tie: horizontal application fastening railing post to deck framing. h1 hurricane tie: holds joist on both sides. retrofitting an existing deck it is estimated that of the 40 million existing decks, only half are code-compliant. experts believe that it is likely that many of these decks are potentially unsafe. in situations

simpson connectors

simpson strong-tie creates structural building products that help people create safer and stronger buildings and homes. strong-tie connectors are manufactured to the highest quality standards. they are engineered and tested to perform. this line of simpson hardware features a variety of wood-to-wood, wood-to-masonry and wood-to-concrete connectors.

simpson dtt1z-kt deck tension tie kit w/fasteners

the strong-tie dtt tension ties are safe, cost-effective connectors designed to meet or exceed code requirements for deck construction. the dtt1z-kt is a kit that includes 4 dtt1z connectors and all of the necessary sd connector screws and hdg sdwh timber screws. these versatile dtt connectors are also load rated as a holdown for light-duty shearwalls and braced wall panel applications. for

simpson strong-tie dtt zmax galvanized deck tension tie

the dtt2z is a safe, cost-effective way to attach deck-railing posts to the deck framing for stronger, safer railings. because the post is tied back into the deck joists, rather than to the rim joist alone, the connection is stronger than typical through-bolt installations.

post-tensioning institute > home

post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing strengthening concrete or other materials with high-strength steel strands or bars, typically referred to as tendons. our future vision. pti envisions a future in which post-tensioning is the first choice for reinforcing all structures.

composite horizontal cable railing

the guaranteed best online source of deck lighting, aluminum deck balusters, post caps, deck hardware, deck lighting, step lights, and virtually everything else found on or around your backyard deck. deck screws. wood deck screws; composite deck screws; flat head deck screws; composite horizontal cable railing.

titan wood post anchor the deck store

titan post anchors create a strong, safe, and sturdy post to deck connection that is fast and easy to install. surface mount any wood post with ease. looking for an alternative post anchor? for a simpler to install, just as strong post anchor, consider using the tisan post anchor.

post tension

prestress supply inc. offers a complete line of post-tensioning products. whether you are doing a residential or commercial project, we have everything you need to get the job done. post-tensioning chucks post-tension accessories post-tensioning strand post-tensioning jacks post-tensioning rams

concrete anchors

post-installed mechanical anchors come in many shapes and sizes, with equally different fastening mechanisms offering low to high holding capacities. hilti's mechanical anchor portfolio offers low capacity removable screws and sleeve anchors, medium-duty wedge anchors, and high capacity expansion and undercut anchors.

post-tensioning- methods for reinforcing concrete

post-tensioned concrete means that the concrete is poured and then the tension is applied-but it is still stressed before the loads are applied so it is still prestressed. for an excellent overview of pt, visit the post-tensioning institute. post-tensioned concrete.

common code violations professional deck builder

fastener specifications aren't usually called out on the construction plans, and inspectors often find undersized nails, or untreated nails that will be nothing but rust in a year. to resist corrosion, all fasteners used in deck construction must be hot-dipped zinc-coated galvanized steel, stainless steel, silicon bronze, or copper.

dtt deck tension tie simpson strong-tie

dtt deck tension tie. on this page. the dtt2 has been tested and evaluated in deck guardrail post applications to resist the code-specified lateral forces at the top of railing assemblies. for guard post installations using strong-drive sdws timber screws, see technical bulletin guard post installations using strong-drive sdws timber

item 557.

item 557. - precast, post tensioned concrete deck system fasteners galvanized 719-01 galvanized threaded fasteners all tapped holes in plates and nuts, for galvanized bolts, shall have a standard oversized tap to allow for the galvanizing on the bolts, nuts and tapped plates.

building a code-compliant deck

simpson strong-tie introduces a new deck tension tie for attaching a deck to a home that meets newly updated code standards. the dtt1z deck tension tie is a safe and time-saving alternative that eliminates the need to access floor joists from inside the house. instead, it is fastened from outside the house.

top 10 biggest mistakes made in post-tensioned concrete

top 10 biggest mistakes made in post-tensioned concrete design. claudia israel. january 20, 2016. top 10 biggest mistakes made in post-tensioned concrete design. claudia israel. january 20, 2016. after decades of building and inspecting in the post-tensioning pt concrete construction industry, weve seen the best and the worst of pt

choosing structural bolts: through bolts vs lag bolts

guide to choosing deck nails, bolts, screes: porch and deck construction fasteners. guide to choosing and installing deck and porch construction and structural joist hangers, brackets, and connectors deck and porch post and beam connectors: steel post cap connectors, plywood post to beam cleats, other connectors deck and porch railings, code requirements, safety questions and answers about what types of joist

how to build code compliant deck railing

deck beam vs rim joist terminology: my deck was built using 2×10 lumber for the deck beams that also serve as rim joists. deck beams and rim joists are two different framing elements in the deck building code see figures 2 and 3 on page 4 although the 4×4 guard post attachment with bolts and simpson deck tension tie connectors is the same.. the guard posts were cut with my dewalt compound

rod hanging anchor portfolio

multiple options for flush-fit flexibility. hilti hdi and hdi-p drop-in anchors with automatic setting tool take productivity and reliability to the next level for rod hanging applications in post-tension slabs, hollow core panels and precast planks.

deck center simpson strong-tie

deck collapse is a serious problem, but one that's preventable. simpson strong-tie teamed up with the home safety council to educate families about the importance of deck safety and inspecting your deck once a year.

hdi-p tz

flush anchor with optimized length for more reliable fastenings in hollowcore concrete planks and post-tensioned cable concrete slabs high-productivity installation when used with the hdi-p tz automatic setting tool and a hammer drill shallow drilling for fast installations

post-tension basics- how post-tensioned slabs are built

a residential post-tensioned concrete slab will typically be 8 inches thick and use 3000 psi concrete. once the concrete has gained strength to 2000 psi, typically within the 3 to 10 days recommended by pti, the tendons are stressed.

post-tension basics- how post-tensioned slabs are built

decorative post-tensioned concrete. since pt is simply reinforcement, there really aren't any specific decorative applications related to post tensioning. the advantages of pt as noted in the opening page are the lack of cracking or at least very narrow cracks and the ability to span farther. pt slabs on ground can be placed and stamped just

helical piles

deck footings, fence post bases, pier footings, metal post foundations for a porch or solarium, ground screw anchors to support an addition to a home are some of the more common residential applications. helical piles are a foundation technology and can be considered for use in any application requiring a foundational support.

options for fastening deck guardrails

dtt deck tension tie; guard post, guard rail and baluster installations using strong-drive structural fasteners 2018 simpson strong-tie company inc. t-f-grdpstrl18 we take you through all of the critical deck connections required by code, including fastener and hardware options for each connection, how each works to keep you safe and