how to measure decking using 2x8

how to accurately measure and mark better homes and gardens

to take an inside measurement, push the hook against the inside edge of one board and read the measurement at the inside edge of the other. you can bring the back of the case up to the opposite side of an inside measurement, then add the length of the case to the tape reading. this is less accurate, especially if the back of the case is not square.

determining the size and layout of a deck how-tos diy

this will help you visualize the decks support system once constructed. as a general rule, footers are spaced 4-8 feet apart but this can vary depending on the size of your deck and strength of the footers, so do your homework. hammer wood stakes into the ground where footers will be dug, measuring as you go.

installing joists on a deck with angles and a flush beam

installing joists on a deck with angles and a flush beam on a deck that is rectangular, or that has a drop beam, measuring and cutting for joists is fairly strhtforward. however, if you have a flush beam with angles, and the perimeter frame has already been built, then joists must each be individually measured for and cut, to fit between the

deck stair stringer calculator for rise and run

tread type whether youll use a single board or two smaller boards to create a stair tread stringer attachment style whether you plan to use an outside frame or a flush frame using your deck measurement specifications, our stair calculator will tell you: how many rises youll need and dimensions for each; total run and rise; step run

deck joist sizing and spacing

a 2x8 up to 12 feet; 2x10 to 15 feet and 2x12 to 18 feet. the larger the deck, the larger the joists. in typical deck construction, with a ledger on one side of the joist and beam on the other, the size of the joists is driven by the size of the deck and based on the general maximum spans mentioned above.

deck flooring calculator and price estimator

to use our calculator, youll need to know the size of your deck and the boards you want to use. most boards are available in 3 1 2 or 5 1 2 widths and 8, 10, 12, or 16 lengths. youll also need to know the joist spacing you are planning to use, most commonly 12, 16, 20, or 24.

calculate deck load capacity

to avoid referring to complicated engineering tables and for the purpose of building a deck, let us start with the idea that using standard 2x8 softwood lumber at 16' o.c. joist spacing your deck will easily meet the 50 psf threshold.

deck joist size

re: deck joist size i use all 2x6's for joist max span is 7'. the strength of a deck is in the post and footings. it has nothing to do with joist span. long joist span allow for way too much flexing of the wood due to severe climate and humidity changes. decks require a bunch of post and beams. those who hang decks off of houses have no foresight.

lumber dimensions and size measurements

board foot: rough sawn lumber is usually sold by the 'board foot' bd. ft. . a board foot is equal to a piece of wood 12 inches long x 12 inches wide and 1 inch thick, or 144 cubic inches. to figure the board foot measurement of a piece of wood, multiply the length x width x thickness in inches, then divide by 144.

recommended beam and joist spans for deck framing home

the maximum distance a deck joist can span between supports is determined by the joist's dimensions and species, as well as the spacing between joists. the closer the joists are to each other, the greater the distance they're able to span safely.

how to build a simple deck

measure the distance from the wall to the outside of the trim board and add 1 inch for overhang. cut the deck boards to this length. squeeze a bead of polyurethane marine sealant on the top edge of a side rim joist.

how to measure decking using 2x8

to use a string to mark the curve on your joist ends first measure the width of the curve you intend to create, from one end to the other. or 7 ½ inches for 2x8 joists. install the skirt using the same material and technique as the faceplate.

how to compute the spans for a deck better homes and gardens

if you use 5/4 decking, joists must be no farther apart than 16 inches. decking made of 2x4s or 2x6s can span up to 24 inches. if you will run decking at an angle, you may need to put the joists closer together; know your local codes.

decking calculators in feet

below are decking calculators including square feet to lineal feet, hidden fastener calculator, stainless steel screw calculator for seven trust decking installations. these calculators can be used to help you estimate how much decking you need.

calculate deck load capacity

now let's find the tributary areas of a deck. to determine the maximum load capacity of your deck, start by calculating its total area and multiply by 50 psf. so a 100 sqft deck would be designed to support 5000 lbs. don't get confused with what weight you might think or want to load the deck with.

3 ways to build deck stairs

screw each stringer to the bottom of the deck frame with a drill. use l-brackets and 3 in 7.6 cm deck screws to attach the stringers to your deck. place the top of the stringer against the bottom of the frame of the deck and screw an l-bracket on each side of the stringer to connect it to the deck.

railing cap

here we use decking material 5/4 treated decking for the cap, which is a common practice. you may also choose to use special accent boards, such as 2x6 cedar or redwood, for the cap. if you want to use the cap to support lots of potted plants, consider using a 2x8 instead.

how to build simple square decking: 10 steps with pictures

how to build simple square decking. in this article you will learn how to build simple square decking. this is the most inexpensive shape to build and has minimal waste. pick a location for your decking. take measurements and decide simple

how to calculate deck boards hunker

calculating deck area. first, you will need to determine the area of your deck. if your supporting structure is the same size as your deck, you can use measurements of it for this step. if the deck is to overhang the supports, refer to your original design plans to determine the measurements of each side.

25x12 deck what size beams/joists?

just use 2x10 joists 16 oc, put the beam 11' out from the house. you only need 4 6x6's come in 12' on both sides of the deck you will have one posts on each end, two in the middle space them 7'5' apart. there you go. sorry if i confused your earlier.

how to build a deck: step by step

parallel to the house, measure 2 inches from the pencil mark on the house stake or 2 inches from the line on the house and make a mark on the flat board. this is known as a 2-inch offset mark. measuring. measure the distance from the edge of the board to the 2-inch offset mark and note it as measurement a.

lumber sizes and measurement

thus, the nominal size of the lumber you purchase is different from the actual size. usually, there is 1/2 inch difference in measurements over 2 inches and 1/4 inch in measurements less than 2 inches. when the ' inch symbol is used is lumber measurements it indicates that you are referring to the actual size.

joist layout ideas for stronger decks professional deck

both the 2009 irc and the dca6-09 allow 2 southern pine 2x10s to span 13 feet 1 inch at 24 inches on-center at a design load of 50 psf. that means these joists can span the 12-foot depth of the deck, and the beam can be located at the perimeter. nine joists will be needed for the 16-foot width.