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while the best stain color for pine furniture ultimately comes down to personal preference, some stain colors work better than others, including stains you can make yourself. white-based stains

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designing, repairing, building and staining pergolas. the untreated pine wood on this pergola patio cover was rotting and decaying. untreated pine lumber is not suitable for outdoor use. even treated pine that is properly stained can eventually decay. cedar or composite woods are the best choice for exposure to the elements in our harsh midwest

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douglas fir can be beautiful in the right hands using the right stain. part of the key is to open pores with sandpaper to allow stain penetration. attach 100-grit sandpaper to a hand-sanding block.

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one of the most common types of wood used for pergola construction is pressure-treated pine. pressure-treated pine, the most affordable option, is rot and insect resistant. however, a preservative will need to be applied after construction to slow the process of weathering. pressure-treated pine can be stained nearly any color you like.

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if the pergola has been previously coated with a decking oil or stain you will need to remove as much of this coat as possible using intergrain power prep or by sanding. if the surface has been previously painted, wash down using a pressure washer or a well-pressured garden hose.

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staining a new deck is much different than staining an old deck. older wood is drier and very porous. it will absorb almost any type of wood stain and be adequately protected. new pressure-treated pine, on the other hand, has higher moisture content and therefore is much denser making deck stain penetration more difficult.

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how to stain a pergola. how to stain a fence staining a fence is a lot easier than you may think. by following these steps you will quickly and easily learn how to stain a wood fence and then enjoy the benefits it brings to your property. learn how to stain a fence.

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staining a fence is a lot easier than you may think. if you follow the steps below, you will quickly and easily learn how to stain a wood fence and then enjoy the benefits it brings to your property. not only will the fence look beautiful after the project is finished, but by following these stress-free fence staining tips you are likely to enjoy spending time outdoors working on it.

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staining treated pine to look like hardwood. hi i am looking to stain /oil a treated pine pergola i am building at home.i have seen before treated pine mixed with Seven Trust in pergolas and both timbers have come out basically the i am basically trying to make the treated pine look a Seven Trust colour instead of the usual green.i beieve the

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building a pergola and wondering about staining i'm going to be building a pergola soon, using hi-bor treated pine lumber from your store. i've been reading a lot about staining, etc. and am wondering if i can just build the pergola then stain later, stain it before i build it and if so, how long do i have to let the wood dry before staining

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this pressure treated pine pergola was built as a hot tub surround for privacy. the solid board skirting on one side features a bar rail for drinks, while the other side features lattice skirting.

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radiata pine lumber is a softwood that has a beautiful grain and texture and is an excellent choice for making light duty furniture or keepsake cabinets. however, like other types of pinewoods, it can be difficult to get the best finish when painting or staining. if you will not be using radiata

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we started by spraying our pergola with stain. this is where you will be really happy that you put plastic down as you will have over-spray the spraying was quick, but you need to spray a small area and then work the stain in, so have your stainstick, a rag or a foam brush handy to work the stain in as you go.