which direction should a pergola face

which direction should garden beds/rows run?

which direction should garden beds/rows run? by laura dayton ohio i am trying to decide whether to plant my beds running north/south or east/west. i have read that it's best to plant in rows running east/west with tallest crops on the north side so nothing is ever shaded through the day but i have also read that north/south beds with tall

should decking ridges face up or down?

decking timber usually have ridges that run along the length of the board. also called grooves or reeds, these ridges on the board may face up to provide functionality and aesthetics. or they may be installed facing down, the orientation recommended by manufacturers as the correct way to install them.

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the roof is usually flat with cross beams or in some cases; the beams face one direction. the pergolas serve as central meeting or gathering spot for family members and friends. you can make the pergola more practical by outfitting it with outdoor furniture, vines, sheers or clothing to create privacy. you can even enhance it further with lighting.

which way to face the front door? which way is best to

with that, by having it on the north it will mainly be the coolest section though i would recommend a covered patio or walk in area no matter where it is placed. as for the pool, have you considered a courtyard with walls and a pergola roof area? think santa fe or mission style.

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when placed out in the yard, look for spaces that allow the pergola to fit into your landscaping, such as areas where one or more sides might be flanked by trees or other large plants so it looks more natural. for the best shade coverage for the majority of the day with an open-roof pergola, place it so the rafters orient north and south.

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when designing a pergola or privacy screen, care must be taken to provide a good foundation and lateral load support. a privacy screen will have to resist about 10 pounds per square foot of lateral load in an 85-mile-an-hour wind, which is a typical design requirement in my area.

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a pergola structure can be as wide as you like, as long as its built with enough beams to support the roof. the minimum height of a pergola should be no lower than 76 to provide enough head room, though most projects call for a range of 8-10 in height.

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another important part of building a pergola that looks good and stands up over time is using quality hardware and fasteners that give it more strength in the face of the elements. and since pergolas are usually appearance-based structures, they should look good as well as being sturdy.

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but the point is, an outdoor pergola is the perfect stylish, practical, and romantic way to sit in the shade on a fine day. these functional and stylish structures consist of vertical posts or pillars that support trelliswork or beams across the top.

best direction for a house to face ?

best direction for a house to face ? 15th jan 06 at 6:42 pm 1 ; whats the best direction for a house say the front to face ? i've heard a south facing rear garden is best. we currently live with a north facing back garden but will be moving to a east facing back garden. i'm not a gardener so i'm not worried about the garden but could the

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which way should my pergola face? if you want your pergola to offer maximum shade for the majority of the day, we would recommend running the rafters from north to south . other than midday, when the sun is directly overhead, this should offer the most shade for the longest parts of the day.

best direction for a house to face ?

for us the direction the garden faces is very important and we've actually counted out two houses because the gardens faced the wrong way. the one we're going for has a south-west facing garden. although i fancy a bit of horticulture, the main point as has already been raised is that we'll be able to sit out on the patio for hours of a summer's evening.