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i guess you could excavate the wood posts if you didn't want to saw the vinyl. typically vinyl fence posts don't need wood supports, they are just cemented into the ground and left hollow. the wood can rot as water accumulates within the post.

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inspect your posts at least once a year, ideally in spring or fall, and reapply paint or stain as necessary to protect the wood and keep your fence looking its best. photo: advertisement

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the post for a typical chain link fence are usually thin wall tubing, they are not strong enough to handle the wind load of a solid privacy fence. plus, like you already stated, the post are on 10' centers. vinyl privacy fence is typically 6' or 8' centers. pull the chain link post up and install the vinyl post, you'll be glad you did.

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turning a four-foot chainlink fence into a six-foot wood fence. as long as your steel posts are solidly in the ground, you should be able to convert your chainlink fence to a wood fence pretty easily. i had two additional issues i needed to deal with.

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screw or nail the top and bottom horizontal rails into the fence posts, using either 4-inch wood screws or 18d to 20d nails. if the horizontal rails protrude slightly at the end of the fence panels, which is common with spaced picket fencing, you can screw strht through the horizontal rails and into the posts.

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to attach to the post, apply an exterior-grade construction adhesive to the inside edge of the molding at the bottom of the light and place it firmly onto the post. for caps with bottom access, mount the cap to the post and replace the mounting screws.

veranda 4 in. x 4 in. vinyl fence post concrete mount-

this concrete mount is made to mount vinyl posts to wood or concrete surfaces. we currently do not sell any vinyl fence panels that can be installed in front of the posts rather than in-between the posts. this is just the mount for a vinyl fence post. the style of vinyl fence can vary.

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this will attach your vinyl post to an existing concrete footer or sidewalk. step 3. attach your post to the adjacent flush concrete wall by inserting a small metal flat bracket into the pre-cut slots that are used for the fence rails on an end post. screw through the bracket, the vinyl and into the flush concrete wall.

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position the vinyl fence slide so that it is square upon the post. place the post cap on the top of the fence slide and press firmly down. tap the cap with a rubber mallet to attach the post cap as far down as it will go. add vertical fencing by sliding the boards into the slots on the vinyl fence slides.

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but if you are a dedicated diyer, vinyl fencing is a bit easier to work with than wood, since the posts and panels are considerably lighter than wood posts and panels. many pvc fence products are designed for easy assembly, with posts that are notched to accept rails and matching panel brackets available.

the fence clamp how to attach welded wire to vinyl fence

align the welded wire fence vertically, in line, with the first vinyl fence post. although the fence clamp is installed along the rails of the fence, the beginning and end of your welded wire fence are installed on posts. start attaching the fence clamps from the bottom of your fence roll, onto the first post. work your way up the post, ensuring that the fence roll is perfectly vertical.

vinyl fence installation tips: attaching the gate

once the gate has been assembled, you can set the other gate post. as the gate will put additional stress on the adjacent posts, install a 4-inch-by-4-inch treated lumber post inside the vinyl post, flush with the side of the post where the hardware will attach and secure with screws for stability.

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if you want the tops of the fence to all run level, install your next post at the far end and run a string tight between them. adjust the post until the string is level, adjust post for plum. use the string to guide the installation of the other posts. dip flash raises a really good point.

vinyl fence installation tips: attaching the gate

as the gate will put additional stress on the adjacent posts, install a 4-inch-by-4-inch treated lumber post inside the vinyl post, flush with the side of the post where the hardware will attach and secure with screws for stability. the wood also gives the hardware something to grab onto.

should i attach the fence post s where my fence meets my

quick specs that might help: - my siding is vinyl. - the fence posts are 4x4 pressure-treated wood. - the posts will extend 3 feet into the ground, with 6-8 inches of gravel beneath the rhode island frost line is 40 inches . - the fence is 6 feet tall.

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in this instance, fasten your post mounts on the round pipe in designated points allowing the fence bracket fasteners to attach to the outer wall of the post mount. drill the brackets into place using 16 ¾ - .410 stainless steel metal self-drilling screws attach the post-mounts brackets to your steel pipe.

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adding vinyl or wooden lattice beneath a porch or deck can give it a fresh new look. in addition, lattice can be used to create hidden storage space beneath your deck or porch. lattice also hides unsightly areas such as the floor joist or posts. installing lattice is easy and relatively inexpensive.

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purchase the vinyl fencing and posts for the area. you can purchase vinyl fencing in lengths that range from 2 to 8 feet 0.6 to 2.4 m . these lengths you place between vinyl fence posts. if you are fencing a very large area, purchase larger sections so you can bury fewer fence posts.

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vinyl fence installation tips: finishing the fence once all of the posts, panels, and gates are installed, you can attach the post caps to the tops of the posts with vinyl cement. 06 secure the gate hinges to the hinge post with screws. 07 attach the gate handle flush with the edge of the gate using screws. 08 attach the arm to the handle.

can i use my existing wood fence posts to install a new vinyl

i just took down an old split rail fence and installed a new vinyl fence 75' in length. i had this thought as well but my fence had holes 8' apart and most vinyl fences i believe come in 6' increments. if somehow your posts are spaced perfectly, you can slip the vinyl posts over the post and add some cement for support.

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unfortunately, metal posts arent nearly as strong as buried wood posts. they are useful for getting a garden enclosure or a temporary fence up quickly, but they should not be used for any fencing that requires much tension or otherwise needs to resists much pressure such as from heavy animals or adventurous kids .

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converting a wood fence to vinyl. is it possible to use the wood posts from a wooden fence to cover with the white vinyl posts when putting up vinyl fencing. i am trying to save money/labor costs in hiring somebody to take down the wooden fence and put up a white vinyl fence.

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installing posts and panels wood fence installation tips: when building a component built fence, you can dig all your holes and set all your posts at once. once the post holes are dug, you can set the posts in concrete. heres how: 01 calculate the height of the post s to be installed. your post height will be determined by building code.

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step 7. place the post against the wall and bolt the post to the wall with the lag bolts. thread the lag bolts into the fence post as far as you can with your fingers. place the socket onto the head of the bolts, then turn the ratchet handle clockwise to tighten the lag bolts in place.