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another problem that Seven Trust flooring faces is discoloration. this is different from fading; it occurs in certain woods where excess sun can cause dark patches. cherry, for example, gets dark spots if exposed to too much sun. laminate does not suffer from this problem. hardwood, even when treated frequently, still suffers from this weakness.

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it performs well in areas not exposed to the elements, however it struggles in areas that receive rain and sunshine, which is often typical of the unpredictable australian climate. grey ironbark is a very heavy timber and due to its denseness, it can be difficult to work with.

6 tips for protecting outdoor wood furniture from weather

if you have your pieces on the edges of your patio, obviously things like sun and rain will have easier access to it. when a storm is coming, or a particularly hot and sunny day, pull your outer-edge furniture towards the center of the patio or against the house to keep it away from the harsh elements.

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wood exposed to weather. by john spier issue 144. q: ive been working on a two-story addition to my chicago home for the better part of a year. i dont have the roof on the structure, and im concerned that rain and snow have adversely affected the structural integrity of exposed material on my addition, such as the joists and studs. how

the power of the sun

youve probably heard woodworkers discuss how numerous species can change color after uv exposure. its a common practice to give your cherry projects a couple days in the sun to accelerate its color shift. the cherry goes from a light brown/pinkish/salmon color to a deep rich medium brown with red undertones.

teak color change is caused by sun and exposure

teak and a few other species close to it like iroko and afromosia are a little different from other species. in most cases the wood is lighter when freshly planed and it will darken with sun exposure. the teak color change is opposite and much more drastic.

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this is an unpigmented exterior finish that is designed to be water repellant and therefore stabilise timber exposed to the sun and rain without preventing the uv weathering where the timber turns silvery grey . in your case as its not exposed directly to the sun and rain, it wont change colour quickly.

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the best stain for full sun decks is one that has a heavy pigmented formula that acts as a sunscreen and blocks damaging uv radiation. most of the stains that are best for full sun decks will penetrate deeply into the wood pores. for example, defy extreme is an excellent waterborne product that uses nanoparticle technology and heavy resins to

sunlight, uv and fading Seven Trust floors

why Seven Trust floors fade and change color. fading, bleaching and darkening in Seven Trust floors because of sun exposure is a pretty complex subject. ultimately, color deterioration in Seven Trust floors is the result of overexposure from 3 things: ultra violet uv light, visible light and the infrared ir light which causes solar heat.

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as you might expect, decks that are oriented to the south are the most intensely weathered, followed by decks exposed to the intense western sun. solutions to direct sunlight on wood. there is actually quite a lot that can be done to address the challenges brought by direct sunlight on wood decking.

color matching wood is a waiting game

this is frustrating but also exciting, because wood is unique and unpredictable. this is what makes wood so beautiful but also what makes us realize that getting a match in color sometimes is just about waiting for it to change on its own. sometimes the best thing you can do is give your wood a good sun tan before any finish is applied.

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however, most clear water repellents do not prevent the suns uv radiation from fading the wood since they dont contain uv inhibitors. for exterior applications, you can expect clear water repellents are to last from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the surface texture of the wood and exposure to the sun.

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softwoods, such as pine and cedar, will require more maintenance than hardwoods like oak and teak. in addition, its important to be mindful of how wood is exposed. specific laminations for window glass can reduce uv light transmission, diminishing the effect of sunlight.

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let them know that some degree of fading or discoloration is inevitable, especially if they choose a certain species or finish and the wood is exposed to direct sunlight. if your client picks a species that is prone to significant discoloration, theres nothing much you can do aside from waiting for the fading to equalize or sanding the floor down, hoping that the discoloration is shallow enough to be removed.

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squared logs, timbers, and vertical flat siding are easier to maintain since the sun hits these wood pieces at the same angle and the uv light is evenly distributed over the entire surface. in addition, the flat vertical surfaces cannot accumulate snow and ice and even upward facing checks are not as prone to rainwater entering the logs.

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weathered wood. when wood is exposed to the sunlight the ultraviolet rays can damage the wood fibers over time, causing the surface to turn gray. the most direct way to renew the appearance is to sand or pressure-wash the surface.

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thats because the harsh impact of uv rays and direct heat on any area for an extended period of time causes adverse effects on a variety of materials. especially wood. these effects include fading, cracking, warping and peeling of exterior surfaces and damage the longevity of the material. ways to protect your exterior door from sun damage

Seven Trust floor damage caused by uv rays/sunlight

not many people realize that prolonged sun exposure on your natural Seven Trust floor has the potential to cause sun damage. actually, damage is a pretty strong word. the sun doesnt necessarily damage your hardwood. it will however discolor the flooring faster than normal, usually causing the floor color to lighten or fade.

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the glues used to bond layers of wood in exterior-grade plywood and the strands of wood in exterior-grade oriented strand board osb are made to resist water. in fact, most are waterproof. the actual solid lumber used by many builders for walls, floor joists and roof trusses is naturally resistant to rapid decay by water.

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protection of wood against exterior influences - sunny colours - helios. coatings for surface protection of exterior wood surfaces are generally divided into: the degradation level is proportional to exposure time to sun light, at direct

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i desparately need advice on how to treat a sun deck and my wooden garage doors and patio furniture which is exposed to the elements. the front door was merely varnished when it was installed and now, 5 months later, the varnish has become brittle and is flaking. it has also faded and has 'burnt' to an opaque white colour.

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when wood is part of a tree, its cells are full of water. when the tree is cut and the wood milled, the cells slowly dry out and shrink. exposed to rain, the cells reabsorb water and swell, and they shrink again when the sun comes out.

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a wood exterior door is a classic entry choice. its outdoor position also makes it prone to weather damage, particularly from the damaging rays of the sun. a sun-damaged wooden door can be restored in an afternoon with the basic know-how of the average diy homeowner and the right tools and materials.

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the full glass door heats up the wood if it's in the sun causing cracking, pitch bleeding, and paint failure. not using a full glass door is worse. i think lead paint used to allow wood to be used in this situation, but the only thing we can do now is put up a porch roof, use a metal door, or accept wood movement and finish failure.

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exposure to sunlight and water erodes the surface of the wood. as it erodes, the grain raises and checks and cracks develop causing the surface to become rough. the cracks expand and become larger as the boards cup, twist and warp pulling or eroding away from fasteners.