how close can you build a pergola to a fence

how close to a fence can a neighbour build ? yahoo answers

how close to a fence can a neighbour build ? my neighbour has built a conservatory next door to me. we already had a conservatory which had planning permission for some years back and it was built with approx 6-8' from the adjoining fence.

neighbours, decks and planning permission wdyt?

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how close can my patio be to my neighbours fence?

it is also possible to build your patio up to 500mm from the fence, only if you obtain a signed consent from your neighbour. or, you can have your patio columns right next to the fence, as long as the roofline remains 500mm off the fence line.

how to build a window pane lattice privacy fence and gate

depending on the angle of sight, you can see some shapes through the fence. this is the view from the bathroom window. ill be sharing how i added complete privacy to this window in a later blog post. from the bedroom you can barely see the neighbors car through the fence. how to build a window pane lattice gate:

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the chimney of the bbq will be higher than the pergola. the pergola doesn't have anything growing up it but does have a roof and is used as a shelter. there are no bushes / trees growing in the area. it's just the pergola and fence that i am worried about. i have tried looking for some guidlines on how close it should be but i can't find any.

how to build a pergola

however, you can change the proportions of the pergola in any way you choose. for example, you can create a long, narrow walkway pergola by cutting the upper two-by-sixes in half, thus halving the pergola's width. add more two-by-eight beams, vertical posts, and one-by-threes to add as much length as you wish.

could a pergola be classed as a fence?

garden law discussion. i will also put up a post and wire fence against neighbours fence to ensure he does not remove his fence and do a land grab. everyone should realise that a pergola or any other building can be located on the boundary, if that is what is required by the house-owner.

pergola/brick wall distances

in terms of how close to the fence you can build a pergola, right up to it but you may find that there are restrictions on the amount of length allowed to be encroached in the building exclusion zone as a percentage of the overall boundary length.

building near and over septic tanks van delden

people add soil over the drainfield all of the time, but that doesnt mean it should be done. compacting the soil is on thing, plus the more soil over the drainfield, the less oxygen flow that will get to the drainfield. your system is older to begin with and one day you will need a new system.

boundary fence and pergola

the building code was changed a few years ago alongside no consent for a single car port to 2.5m height at boundary to accommodate modern needs for more privacy. this means typically you can build a 2.4m fence plus capping. then there is a profile elevation angle from the boundary within which you must stay.

diy overview: a pergola on concrete patio in 3 days. its

this is the pergola that i built this summer. it took me 3 full days to finish with the help of one other person the first 2 days of the build.

pergola options to boundary

what options can you think of to either: 1 extend the roof of the pergola to the boundary after the building inspections that doesn't look crap , or 2 do with the decking/box seat area to bring it underneath the 450mm building line, but not completely waste the space behind it.

can i build up to my boundary line? diynot forums

depends. if neighbours building is within 3m of your excavation you might have to serve a notice under s6. if you build astride the line of junction you serve a notice under s1. if you build so your wall is within your boundary the outside face can be on the line of junction this is not a party wall.

pergola permit. how close to boundary?

hi, i live in werribee and i'm planning a pergola. apparently, i can go up to 900mm away from the boundary with a regular building permit. any closer than that to the boundary and i've been advised i'll be requiring at least 2 other permits fire separation and some other one .

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june 11, 2012 by: anthony rigg in: frequently asked questions comments off on q and a 101 how close can i build to my sites boundaries? this week we are continuing on with our q and a regarding some basic setback regulations for single detached housing.

how to build a fence pergola

they would move the fence every time you opened or closed the gate. so this whole section would need to be redone, see how we installed a new post. and this is the simple process we used to build a fence pergola. but because i can never wait to show you the finished product, how about an after picture? this is after applying the stain.

how close can my neighbor build to my fence?

there are rules building code for how close the property can be built to the boundary, but i'm pretty sure that this can be got around if the wall facing the boundary is fire-rated, in which case it may be able to be built right up to it. i know of cases where owners wanted to build a new fence, but the neighbor wouldn't agree. so the