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a lattice is a large sheet made up of crisscrossed wood strips. many homeowners find the greenish hue of pressure treated lattice unappealing, and untreated lattice tends to gray as it ages, which

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a solid core strip over strip constructed vinyl lattice offers a beautiful look for any project. negatives. it is not available in any color. paint and stain may not adhere to this type of lattice. in summary, what product is the best when considering wood lattice vs vinyl lattice? the decision is ultimately yours.

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wood lattice is thinner and not as strong as fencing. therefore, for pet owners, lattice fences are fine for smaller dogs or for curb appeal, but not for larger dogs that can easily damage the fence. wooden lattice can also become damaged from the sun or other elements, resulting in cracking or breaking.

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lattice. a lattice is a structure made from crisscrossed strips of wood or other sturdy material with open space between the strips. the strips are usually arranged to form a diagonal pattern, and the construction material may be wood, plastic or metal. home improvement stores sell sheets of lattice in a variety of sizes and gauges.

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vinyl lattice fences are highly durable and can withstand all weather conditions. it does not rot and is resistant to harsh elements such as mold, mildew, insects and decay. unlike wood, vinyl lattice fences do not warp, splinter and crack. maintenance wise, all you need is to hose it down with some water to keep it clean.

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the most common materials which are used for making lattice are wood, plastic, pvc and polyvinyl chloride. among these types, the easiest material that you can work with is the plastic type. in fact, plastic and vinyl lattice are becoming more and more popular to many household diy hobbyists. plastic lattice can hold up well and will not fade

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vinyl lattice. next, you will want to consider the climate you live in. while wood lattice can be treated with water resistant chemicals, it can still become warped or faded in intense sun and rain conditions. on the other hand, vinyl lattice will not. if you find that your climate requires you to replace outdoor wood frequently, vinyl may be

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weather can sometimes affect plastic lattice, causing it to contract or expand up to 3 times as much as wood or solid core vinyl lattice. to counteract this effect and prevent permanent warping, add a small 0.25 in 0.64 cm buffer to the measurements.

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wood lattice is not insect resistant. the insects will add to the deterioration of the lattice. as the manufacturer of the durashell vinyl lattice, we have compared several attributes of vinyl, hdpe plastic , hollow pvc and wood lattice. the comparison chart sums up each product per category and is included for your convenience.

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wooden lattice and fencing tend to be affordable and renewable. because it is also a natural product, wooden lattice is more environmentally friendly than plastic lattice. we also offer treated lattice, to extend even more the life of our products. plastic or pvc lattice can be made to mimic the look of real wood.

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vinyl polyresin, or pvc, is a useful material for lattice structures because it requires no maintenance and will not warp, break down or rot. it is often injection-molded with a wood grain pattern