what purpose do pergolas serve

what purpose do flies serve

flies are generally considered to be pests, but they do serve a purpose. this purpose is served in the ecosystem. when flies lay their eggs, maggots help to break down garbage and organic matter.

what is a pergola? pergola design ideas and pergola types

an outdoor extension for the indoor living space is the most common stance of the word pergola, when they`re freestanding, pergolas are used as dinning areas and outdoor enterntaining ensembles nestled between greenery or outdoor enterntaining features like fireplaces, swimming pools,

what purpose do gargoyles serve on a church?

what purpose do gargoyles serve on a church? tweet gargoyles were introduced into gothic architecture around the beginning of the 13th century, and were used on the upper parts of buildings -- usually churches, cathedrals, and castles -- to channel water away from masonry walls and foundations.

what is a cupola and why do barns have them? madisonbarns

the size of the base is determined by the slope or pitch of the barn roof. in the middle, the vents can be windows or slats designed to let light, air or gas pass through. screens can be added to keep out insects and animals. the caps of cupolas are usually designed to have a square, octagonal,

what is the purpose of a pergola were always being asked

what is the purpose of a pergola were always being asked what purpose does an arbor or pergola serve while pergolas arbors will not stop rain or wind they do provide shade. what is a pergola and it used for, top reasons for owning a pergola, luxury timber structures hot tubs more, pergola, shelter bench by garden outdoors, what purpose pergola, purpose of a pergola construction example, aura architects, what is a pergola and it used for, pergola design questions landscaping network .

what does the royal family actually do?

but despite the constant flood of royal paparazzi photos and press releases it can be tough to discern what it is the family members actually do. the royals don't need to worry about money, since they're supported by both taxpayers and a massive family fortune .

what is the purpose of the electoral college? reference.com

what is the purpose of the electoral college? credit: getty images/getty images news/getty images the electoral college is a process that creates a buffer between a president's election through congress and the vote of the american people.

the purpose of accounting accountingtools

the purpose of accounting is to accumulate and report on financial information about the performance, financial position, and cash flows of a business. this information is then used to reach decisions about how to manage the business, or invest in it, or lend money to it.

what good are ticks? 3 reasons to tolerate ticks

ticks are ancient arthropods. first, consider the tick's long history on earth. though it might be hard to see from our perspective as a blood host, ticks do serve an important role in the ecological system. every organism serves a purpose, and the lowly tick is no exception.

what in-the-living-crap is the purpose of a pergola?

on the home and garden channel the home renovators like the property brothers build pergolas thinking they are such useful structures but in reality they are useless. the sun moves and if you are sitting under the pergola, one minute you have a bit of shade and the next minute you are back in the sun. useless, i tell ya reply delete

appendix may actually have a purpose

a higher purpose for the appendix. researchers deduce that the appendix is designed to protect good bacteria in the gut. that way, when the gut is affected by a bout of diarrhea or other illness that cleans out the intestines, the good bacteria in the appendix can repopulate the digestive system and keep you healthy.

what does pérgola mean?

pergolas may link pavilions or extend from a building's door to an open garden feature such as an isolated terrace or pool. freestanding pergolas, those not attached to a home or other structure, provide a sitting area that allows for breeze and light sun,

best diy pergola plans you can use for your patios best

for those who dont know pergolas are a regular feature in most gardens or garden like environment which always serve dual purposes , they serve as an appendage for climbing plants and they serve as shades or coverings for individual to relax, refresh and retreat after a long days work or just for pure relaxation on a cool summers day or night, the beautiful part about pergolas is that they are easy to construct and design dependent on your style, here are a few pergola styles you can

what does the royal family actually do?

the queen must be neutral in all political matters and can't vote, but she does have a ceremonial role in the uk government. she opens each session of parliament in person, and has visits with the prime minister as well as other world leaders. any legislation passed by parliament must also get the queen's stamp of approval technically known as royal assent before becoming law.

what's the purpose of the fight or flight response?

understanding the purpose of the fight or flight response can lead to greater insights into our own behavior when were stressed out. the fight or flight response is characterized by feeling bodily sensations of stress for instance, an increased heart rate and faster breathing.