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weston feather edge gate grange fencing

grange information hub. want to learn more about using this product in your garden? view our information hub for step-by-step guides to help you with all sorts of garden projects, from erecting fence panels and pergolas to building raised beds and completing various landscaping projects.

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fencing. when it comes to creating a garden to be proud of, it all starts with the fencing and it’s safe to say that, at grange, we know a thing or two about this sturdy garden staple.

weston feather edge panel grange fencing

the weston feather edge panel from grange fencing is constructed from 100mm-wide feather edge boards & a flat top edge, combining a classic look with strength.

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grange weston closeboard panel - pressure treated green

by grange, the weston closeboard panel comes in a pressure treated green, providing both an attractive finish and long-lasting protection from the elements. the fencing is constructed using 100mm wide featheredge boards that create a sturdy border to any garden.

grange weston heavy duty trellis fence dark brown

description. grange weston heavy duty trellis fence dark brown. heavy duty square wooden garden trellis dipped in weston dark brown treatment. the thick timber panels are strong and sturdy, ideal for supporting climbing plants and creating a focal point in your garden.