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when i build a new zoo i tend to start out with at least 1 decent exhibit with about 3-4 animals (2 species, male and female each). then i build a 3 tile path to the exhibit with one or two benches, a donation box and one small guest area near the entrance. maintenance fees are the result of buying amenities for your guests.

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build your own light up disco floor (if you're handy). how to throw the most epic dance party ever diy build your own light up disco floor - hearts just shot out of my eyeballs. diy disco floor, for the handy gal that has everything, except a disco floor are we human, or are we dancer? add a glow stick chandelier for your grown-up rave party.

these brooklyn djs built a dance party that celebrates

these brooklyn djs built a dance party that celebrates food, drink, and inclusivity. by mijon zulu. february throwing their own parties gave the djs creative control to try and capture some of the special sauce from the parties they missed. the second is harder: no phones, calls, texting, and photos on the dance floor. the third creates

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how to build a dance floor. while commercial dance floors are generally installed by professionals, you can easily build a dance floor for home use. plywood is a great option for many home dance floors, but should be sealed to improve its

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or rather my daughter cali and her friend hannah were going to build me a dance floor (with some help from dad of course.) by this time i had totally broken jim down and he agreed so we headed to seven trust on monday night (the wedding carnival was friday). how to build a dance floor. we loaded up the cart with wood and nails.

how to build a dance floor for cheap

a dance floor may be required for a dinner party, an outdoor wedding, and for many other special occasions. renting a dance floor is a big budget item. making your own saves you money and could allow you to recoup the expense down the road. a dance floor doesn't have to be a major expense. step.

how to build a dance floor - your homebased mom

after reading the title of today’s post you may have thought i will never need to build a dance floor. i thought the same thing. but you might and when and if you do this post on how to build a dance floor will come in handy.

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there was only one small flaw to be found in this otherwise exemplary dim sum house the chili sauce. one longs for an alternative to the dreadful version offered here (consider bringing your own siracha sauce). oh, and do snag a waiter and order up a plate of either the green-lipped mussels in black bean sauce or their clam counterparts.

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on july 7, 2016, the day after philando castile’s death, a lone gunman ambushed police in dallas, texas, who were guarding a peaceful demonstration. five officers were killed. in this photo, a

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its time for battle build your garrison, control air, land and sea forces and outwit your friends. ready your forces hold your ground its 1942, the height of the second world war, and your platoon of troops has just landed on an island in the south pacific ocean.