covering cracked concrete patio surfaces

inexpensive and easy ways to cover the surface of my

inexpensive and easy ways to cover the surface of my concrete patio. answer 12. answered. rinse well and let the surface dry. tape off your rug and tape a design inside your rug. you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. this sink has a crack in it now. my taste is definitely more farmhouse now.

how to resurface concrete

resurfacing is a good option when the surface of a concrete slab or structure is cosmetically marred but in otherwise good shape. resurfacers will not correct deep cracking or heaving, but they can cover over routine flaking of a concrete surface or small pits due to spalling.

how to resurface your patio better homes and gardens

a wobbly, cracked patio can put a damper on summer fun. reclaim the space and help it look like new with our concrete resurfacing how-to. to give your patio a new lease on life, use a concrete overlay compound that adheres to existing concrete.

how to repair a cracked and uneven cement pad home

seal the crack. the first part of repairing the cement slab is to seal any cracks to prevent them from spreading up into the new layer of concrete that you will use to level the surface.

how to use thinset morter to resurface concrete home

whether you have cracks, chips or just a stained concrete slab, thinset helps cover the old surface and create a new problem-free area. the thin mix is laid over the old concrete, slipping into

the best way to fix a cracked patio - porch advice

the number one issue with outdoor patios is settling or sinking. when a patio settles, it typically does so in various sections and unevenly, which leads to unstable, wobbly surfaces. cracks will also form as the weight of the concrete surface will no longer be supported evenly underneath.

concrete resurfacing, a great way to resurface old concrete

concrete resurfacing techniques and the materials being used have improved tremendously in the past few years. it used to be that old cracked concrete with surface staining and scaling had to be removed and replaced if you wanted to improve the look.

how to resurface concrete - concrete resurfacing - the

conventional wisdom holds that old concrete, with cracks, surface discoloration, or surface imperfections, must be removed and replaced if improving the look of the concrete is the goal. but there are many options available for transforming that drab concrete patio, driveway, or floor into a new, decorative, colored concrete surface.

how to resurface a concrete patio with rubber paint hunker

it makes almost any surface extremely waterproof. using rubber paint on a concrete patio will help to seal any cracks in the concrete, making it very waterproof. the patio will also be easier to clean because the paint will smooth out the rough texture of the concrete and provide an even surface.