can i use solid stain on plastic

can you stain vinyl siding - answers

you can stain them but you have to sand them first in one direct to give them a tooth and create a pattern for the stain to follow. you have to remember that vinyl is plastic and that it sweats.

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i have always used mineral spirits for this kind of clean up. you can buy it in small metal cans anywhere you buy paint. that painter should have cleaned it up or at least told you how to, he must not be a real professional, jerks like that really make me mad, a simple job like that he should not have gotten any stain anywhere but the deck.

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1. take precautions when using your deck stain to ensure more successful storage of the excess stain later. dirt, hair and other contaminants from brushes or rollers can spoil stain, so keep your

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generously slather the stain onto the pipe or pipe fitting using the can's built-in applicator. work quickly, rotating the piece and making sure to smooth out any streaks or drips of color before they have time to dry. spilled dye can usually be cleaned up with lighter fluid and a paper towel.

can white, plastic lattice for outside decks be painted

ok, i have white lattice that is plastic and stained green from cutting the grass and i would like to possibly paint it, since i am planning to paint the wooden part of my deck this week. must i replace, otherwise perfectly good lattice or can it be painted. i'd rather not go thru the bother of replacing it, since it will eventually get stained again, and the wooden, paint able kind only holds

painting vs. staining your deck which option is best?

if any chemicals remain on the wood, they can break down the stain over time. use a prime, seven trust quality stain. a trusted professional will use a high-quality seven trust stain. better stains are more expensive, and optimal results require a quality product. both paint and stain can increase the life of your wooden exterior deck.

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spills happen, but can be very frustrating and often difficult to clean up, especially when they involve wood stain type products. this is a page about removing wood stain from vinyl siding.

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if you are using a water-borne or acrylic stain, go without a liner. this is the environmentally preferred way to go if the tray can be immediately rinsed after use. if you do use a liner, be sure to rinse it out and reuse or recycle it. on the other hand, if you are using oil based stain then using a tray liner is the best bet.

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sherwin-williams exterior stain can be used for siding and trim, decks and porches, and all other outdoor living spaces. learn how to apply exterior wood stain with tips from our stain experts. from cedar siding to redwood deck, wood offers a rich, warm welcome to any home.

solid deck stain vs transparent stain: which is best for

solid stain can provide your deck with a solid coating which can protect the wood from moisture damage from rain, snow, and other precipitation. blocks uv rays. using latex solid deck stain with uv-blocking pigments can protect your wood deck against inevitable sun-related fading. can sometimes be applied over paint.

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understandably, a faux wood surface cannot be conditioned with traditional wood stain. fortunately, if you have plastic wood surfaces in your home, you don't need to give up on staining them just yet. special polyurethane finishes can be applied directly to plastic wood, providing translucent color that imitates real wood stain.

what can i use to get permanent stains out of a vinyl

vinyl purses make stylish and trendy handbags, but they're easily dirtied and stained. if you get a permanent stain on your vinyl purse, you may exacerbate the stain if you try to remove it with the wrong product or technique. only certain products are safe to use for stain removal on vinyl.

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how to stain decking ehow although it isn't necessary to stain the decking in order to protect it, if you wish to enhance or change the color, you can stain it--in the same manner as solid wood decks. plants and grass with plastic sheeting to protect them in case of stain splatters.

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use an abrasive sponge or brush to remove the stain. depending on the stain you can use different abrasives to remove the stain, from gentle sponges on walls to blades on glass and hard plastic. don't dig into the stain. simply work at the edges, trying to lift it from the surface, to prevent scratching.

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if you'd like to stain a wood surface that has already been painted, accomplish your goal by applying a solid stain. unlike semitransparent stains, which are absorbed into bare wood and enhance its natural appearance, solid stains add a rich colorful film that sits atop the wood's surface. because

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you can create a whitewash or pickling effect using latex paint or primer, and you can also do it with a white or grayish stain. when using paint or primer, brush on a light coat and wipe it off

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staining resin-based composite moulding on the crown i'm using a gel-stain minwax's chesnut . the crown has a coat of primer on it. i'm having issues getting a dark enough shade on the crown. but if you read then you can get different consistencies by stirring, shaking until it liquefies or using undisturbed as a solid gel. if you need

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looking for wood stain colors for your staining project? view the available wood stain colors from behr to find the perfect hue for your project.

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the solid hide stain breathes better than paint and is therefore less likely to peel. the nature of deck construction is such that some water or moisture will work its way into the wood. if you can't keep wood pefectly dry, don't use anything that will prevent the moisture from getting back out without causing the surface to peel

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how to paint or stain almost anything today's homeowner. you can now extend the life of plastic chairs, lawn furniture, and children's toys; and . and masonry bonding primer and then use solid color concrete stain.

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solid stain. as we mentioned above, once you have applied a primer to your exterior wood, the best way to ensure a job well done is to use a solid stain. solid stains provide a completely opaque, paint-like appearance on your wood. storm system offers two solid stains: the acrylic stain with enduradeck technology, and a 100% acrylic stain.

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i use a product called bar keepers friend its a powder like comet and found next to the comet in my grocery store for my sinks and next to that is a pink can of gel gloss, which is a sealer/polish for fiberglass, and will seal the surface of the sink so that those stains can't get in as quickly or easily.