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re: filling aluminum pontoons with foam eventually, water will get inside, get absorbed into the foam, and make the boat weigh a ton more, literally. you will not be able to dry that foam out. as stated above, placing large sheets of foam under the deck may be the way to go. or look into adding a third pontoon, cheap if from a salvaged boat.

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prepare the pontoon for release of the foam into the cavity by cleaning the area around the leak with an alcohol solution. alcohol will evaporate and leave the area around the leak dry. rub the area with a cloth and find the hole in the exterior of the pontoon.

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continue to fill the holes until expanded foam leaks out of the holes. scrape and wipe between pourings to keep the deck clean. allow the foam to cure overnight. cut five 2-inch pieces of wood dowel. glue them into the five foam holes with construction glue and sand them flat.

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can i fill a pipe with the foam? the answer would depend on the diameter and distance of the pipe. a 1 foot diamater, 3 foot long pipe would be no problem. a 1 inch diameter, 20 foot long pipe would be impossible. since the foam only remains liquid for about 45 seconds, it can only flow approximately 5 feet before it starts to gel and expand.

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we manufacture a full line of mini pontoon boats ranging in size from 6 to 16 feet. our compact pontoon boats are built with welded aluminum sub-frames and. the rebel one-man pontoon fishing boat features all-welded aluminum pontoons and platform so you can spend more time fishing and less time on maintenance.

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it is 7.2 x 3.6 meters, with the pontoons 600mm x 600mm x 7.2 meters. styrofoam is great to use, but you should keep it waterproof as it does absorb water. that varies on the density of foam you use too.

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when a boat sinks, the floatation materials such as poured foam, will prevent water from filling those areas and will also increase buoyancy because of the trapped air. if you do decide to use the poured foam, make sure there is plenty of room for expansion of the material.

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the width of the pontoon has a direct affect on how it will displace the water and therefore how high above the water it will float. the narrower pontoons along with the additional weight of the foam results in the pontoons that are sitting lower in the water.

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the answer would depend on the diameter and distance of the pipe. a 1 foot diamater, 3 foot long pipe would be no problem. a 1 inch diameter, 20 foot long pipe would be impossible. since the foam only remains liquid for about 45 seconds, it can only flow approximately 5 feet before it starts to gel and expand.

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step 6. finish the assembly of the boat by bolting the frame onto the pontoons. when you have transported the boat to the water, add the steering systems, motor and and decking. once this is completed, you can begin to enjoy your foam pontoon boat.

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step 2. from a point 12 inches from one end of the work surface, mark a spot 9 inches in from the edge and another identical spot on the other edge. this distance defines the width 18 inches of the pontoon. d strht lines back from these points 18 feet in length, defining the length of the pontoon.

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foam will add extra weight to the boat. an aluminium boat with a flat dead rise of around 14 degrees will be a lot harder riding and bang more than a boat with a deeper v. typhoon boats have just completed a 5.7 meter 19 degree dead rise rbb with foam in the floor and pontoons, by owners request .

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floatation foam in houseboat pontoons by: dave i. when i worked at the marina i talked to many people about filling my pontoons with foam. there are 2 big concerns about any kind of foam. first, there is always added weight, and if you trailer your boat that is always a big concern.

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best answer: not one bit. in fact the weight of the foam would make it ride a bit lower. the foam would only help if there were holes in your pontoons and they were filling with water. if your pontoons are full of water, then filling them with foam instead will make the boat lighter, thus it will float higher.

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how much foam will i need to fill my pontoon? first of all, yes you can fill your pontoon with this foam, however it needs to be completely dry and any known holes should be repaired before pouring this foam in. see question 14 regarding water resistance

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hmi filled a leaky pontoon with polyurethane and now it's fixed samples of creative projects/jobs hmi customers have tackled and a preview of things to come

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i don't think i'd fill the pontoon completely with foam; the builder knows best. what you suggested was the conclusion i came to myself. yesterday i repaired the pin hole leak, put back in the plugs with new o-rings and will mark the water line when i put the boat back into the water.

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re: filling pontoons with foam? if its a small hole make an aluminum patch that extends 2 ' out from the center of the hole. use a mallet to conform it to the shape and apply a generous amount of marine grade epoxy. rivet it at all four corners, let it dry and lightly sand the seams. oh yeah, don't forget to epoxy in the rivet shafts.

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you want to get back at the neighbor pour some foam in a 20 oz drink bottle and quickly screw the cap on tight. throw it like a grenade. hopefully it lands inbetween the car and the front door. might as well take out both. neverbigenough. any foam will absorb some water however using the correct foam will minimize this.


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yeah i agree about filling a pontoon with foam being useless. if anything it would decrease bouyancy because of the added weight. displacement is displacement. however i'm considering filling just the motor pod, because when the boat is stationary it is filled with water. if foam displaced the water then that would add floatation.

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since each cubic foot weighs two pounds, you will need 16 pounds of foam per empty drum. therefore, it will require about one gallon kit makes two gallons per drum. q. is this boat foam compatible with styrofoam? a. yes. it will not eat or dissolve styrofoam. if you have a large cavity to fill, you can put some chunks of styrofoam in the cavity to save foam. q.

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my pontoons are hallow, when i get leaks thru cracks, i get water and that means a pump out and a welding repair. if-ing a guy fills his pontoons with foam: a. does that mean you can blow off crack repairs? b. can you do it yourself? c. who sells the right kinda foam to use? d. how do ya know how much expansible foam mix to dump into each pontoon?

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we look to be filling over 400lf of steel pontoons used for flotation of a dock. the foam is b350 something by demilec. it is around 2.2 to 2.6 lb density. the toons must be watertight when we finish. will be interesting to see what it does to the buoyancy. i, too,

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filling a plastic barrel with expanding urethane foam will produce a highly buoyant float which may be left in contact with water for weeks or even months at a time. such a barrel is ideal for making a do-it-yourself floating dock, buoy, party barge or flotation aid for use on a lake or pond.

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