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like many substances, carbon fiber can be recycled, but it may currently be better described as downcycling, vs. recycling. aerospace. carbon fiber composite materials, for example, are being used increasingly in aircraft manufacture.

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the oversized and chopped carbon fibres are mostly used as reinforcing material in thermoplastics and are adding a good conductivity to the plastics. new developments also include carbon fibres cf.os.p compatible with non-polar polymers pp, pe but not limited to this as we offer also custom made sizings according to the clients demand.

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in order to convert the recycled carbon fiber, elg carbon fibre has a carding line capable of providing up to 250 tonnes per year of carbon fiber or carbon fiber/thermoplastic nonwoven mats see figure 6, figure 7 . a milling center is capable of providing up to 1,000 tonnes per year of milled carbon fiber, while 700 tonnes per year of precision chopped fiber 6 24 mm and 1200 tonnes per year of chopped fibers 30 150 mm can also be produced.

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elg carbon fiber ltd., sgl group, cfk valley recycling, vartega inc., procotex, toray/zoltek, and karborek are among the major suppliers of recycled carbon fiber.


carbon fibre fabrics for composite material applications. vehicle lightweighting was a key focus for many of the winning companies at the 2019 northern automotive alliance naa awards, which took place in cheshire on 7th november and showcased the successes of vehicle manufacturers, supply chain companies and service providers in the region.

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while recycled carbon fiber modulus is basically the same as virgin carbon fiber, it also offers a 20 40% cost savings over virgin carbon fiber alternatives. even with its 10-20% reduction in tensile strength, recycled carbon fiber remains one of the strongest of all commercial reinforcing fibers available today.

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carbon fiber remanufacturing cfr develops alternatives to landfilling of excess post industrial carbon fiber materials on a world-wide basis by the development of improved and new product applications in industrial, commercial and retail product utilizing green certified reclaimed carbon fiber.

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carbon conversions is the worldwide technology leader in the reclamation of carbon fiber for utilization in advanced materials to manufacture high-performance components. our primary mission is to profitably create and develop a new ecosystem based on recycled carbon fiber.

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fibre recycled from a fluidised bed process was transformed into a non-woven veil and was moulded into a glass-fibre reinforced polymer plaque to provide shielding.

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in december 2018, boeing announced it will supply carbon fiber recycling specialist elg carbon fibre coseley, u.k. with cured and uncured carbon fiber waste to be recycled for use in secondary products for other composites manufacturing applications. the agreement is the first formal material supply relationship between a carbon fiber recycler and a major aircraft oem and seems to be a good portent for the industry.

recycled carbon fibre: a new approach to cost effective

10% loading of recycled carbon fibre provides the same mechanical properties as 30% loading of glass fibres: - 23% density reduction. - 4% material cost increase. 30% to 45% loadings of recycled carbon fibre provide mechanical properties comparable to magnesium castings and aluminium castings.

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sigmatex recently developed an innovative range of recycled carbon fibre products. these products are manufactured using various waste streams such as our own internal waste and that of customers production processes, enabling us to produce a more environmentally friendly solution at significantly lower cost than virgin carbon products.

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non-woven mat production outputs a range of carbon fibre and hybrid non-woven products in widths up to 2.7m. these products are ideally suited to closed mould processes or the production of intermediate products such as prepreg or smc materials. pellets of recycled carbon fibre are ideally used for reinforcing thermoset and thermoplastic compounds.

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chm composites supplies milled carbon fibres and milled, pulped and staple aramid fibres. as the source fibres are recycled and unused, performance is equal to virgin milled fibres but at a significantly lower cost. applications for milled carbon include:-reinforcing of thermoplastic and thermoset resins,

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as a result, he says that the cost of recycled carbon fibre is typically 40% less than that of virgin fibre, and similar weight savings can be achieved through its use. perhaps of equal importance, particularly for carmakers, is the fact that the use of recycled carbon fibre has a reduced impact on the environment.


reclaimed and recycled carbon fiber is a low-cost alternative to virgin material for automotive and industrial applications. vartegas recycled carbon fiber, which is sourced from various dry fiber and prepreg scrap sources, exhibits the same mechanical properties as virgin carbon fiber.

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recycled carbon fibre ltd recycled carbon fibre ltd recycles all forms of carbon fibre : dry tows, fabric off-cuts , prepreg out-of-date, offcuts and laminate seconds, offcuts, etc. . after re-processing, the fibres are sold in milled and chopped form under the green carbon fibre brand.

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researchers from washington state university have developed a new method to recycle the carbon fiber plastics. carbon fiber products can be difficult to break down or recycle. it is possible to grind them down or break them down with very high temperatures or chemicals to recover the carbon fiber. however, the carbon fiber can be damaged in the process and they can also destroy the matrix resin materials in the composites.

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in collaboration with its partners, the crtc will develop and demonstrate technology to convert the carbon fiber pre-preg scrap material into value-added products. the crtc will serve as a site of learning for companies interested in using the recycled material for manufacturing.

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recycling carbon fiber takes more energy than steel, but in the long run, it looks like its better for the environment. so, what im saying is, if im going to replace all of the steel in my delorean with carbon fiber, id better make sure it was recycled by pyrolysis.

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at jec world 2016, elg carbon fibre will be showcasing this line of recycled carbon fibre products, which it says offers a cost-effective solution to traditional composites in high volume applications. from a dedicated recovery plant in the west midlands, elg carbon fibre reclaims carbon fibre from manufacturing and end-of-life material.

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recycled carbon fibre then became elg-cf when, in 2011, established metals recycler elg haniel of duisburg, germany looking for the next big thing bought the company. in those days, barnes says, it used to be a celebration if the plant produced one tonne of material in a week.

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carbon fiber recycling, inc. cfr , a division of modern recovery systems, inc. is building a facility in tazewell, tenn., that plans to recycle up to 2,000 tons of carbon fiber per year. the plant will extract carbon fibers from finished composites, including laminates, trimmings, tooling, and other end-of-life components.

recycled carbon fibre: a new approach to cost effective

elg carbon fibre recycled cf give the same mechanical property enhancement as virgin cf. 10% loading of recycled carbon fibre provides the same mechanical properties as 30% loading of glass fibres: - 23% density reduction. - 4% material cost increase.

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zoltek recycled chopped carbon fiber type 45 is characterized by high strength and modulus, low density, dimensional stability, and low thermal expansion. it is also electrically and thermally conductive. zoltek recycled chopped carbon fiber type 65 is characterized by high strength and modulus, low density,

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the carbon fiber industry has changed a lot in the past 15 years. in 2000, the global market for carbon fiber was less than 20,000 mt. now, it is greater than 60,000 mt per year, and forecasts indicate this will increase to between 100,000-140,000 mt, annually, in the early 2020s.

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the composite recycling technology center and elg carbon fibre ltd of the uk jointly demonstrated the manufacture of an automotive seatback made from recycled carbon fiber composite, at the automotive lightweight materials summit in detroit, mich., on aug. 22-24, 2017.