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customers often ask us what material is best for their home. shutters can be made of a variety of materials, each with their own pros and cons. through our research, we recommend using only seven trust, rot-resistant materials such as composite or pvc. however, experience alone does not always answer everyones question of which material is


the cheaper quality pvc shutters do not have uv stabilisers in the material, or in the paint. some are even hollow inside . this means if they are put in a hot window for example a western window of your home they may warp or turn yellow.

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faux wood blinds the material is poly-vinyl chloride pvc . you say why are you making this complex? words such as polystyrene and additive mean less to me. what is more likely to warp faux wood vs real wood blinds? before i answer that, let me share this with you. one of our clients had the blinds in the home, she moved in.

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maintenance. vinyl shutters serve as the optimal choice in areas prone to high moisture, such as basements, kitchens and bathrooms. this material won't warp, swell or peel regardless of humidity

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not a sustainable material as it leads to deforestation. 2. mdf shutters. medium-density fibreboard mdf is a popular alternative to wood in house shutters manufacturing. this is an engineered wood composite of compacted residue from a mixture of hardwoods and softwoods. it is a popular shutter material with homeowners today. pros of mdf shutters. 1.

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the faux wood material used in these shutters is polyvinyl, which is a material that wont crack, warp, or fade as easily as real wood. 2 aluminum blinds aluminum mini blinds are among the most common window coverings in homes, apartments, and office buildings, and for good reasontheyre often inexpensive and highly durable.

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synthetic shutter manufactures and marketers claim that their shutters will not warp, chip, crack, or peel generally implying that these are properties of wood. quality wood shutters will not warp, chip, crack, or peel and are built for harsh window conditions. otherwise, wood shutter companies would have been out of business long ago.

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note: you may have to open the shutter package to find the disclaimer on fading and warping. because our shutters are constructed of two superior grades of plastic, weatherbest shutters do not need extra plastic to 'bulk them up' in order to make them durable. our shutters weigh less but will last longer than the heavier alternatives.

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oak shutters are very heavy. oak shutters add much weight to window jambs and screws require pre-drilling. oak shutters are not suitable for painting. oak shutter louvers tend to warp. maple shutters. maple shutters are very heavy. maple shutters add much weight to window jambs and screws require pre-drilling.


the other advantage is some synthetic shutters are cheaper than wooden shutters. i have personally used thermopoly shutters in my own home with a combination of timber shutters and have recommended them to friends. and yes, they look the same. myths about timber plantation shutters: timber plantation shutters do not warp or bend. they are ideal for shaped windows and can be painted with quality paint or stained to nice woodgrain finishes.

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many wood shutter manufacturers compromise on the paint quality used, and over time wood shutter products not correctly sealed will warp, causing the paint to yellow, crack and peel. good wood shutter paints on the other hand, contently bind to the cellulose in the wood.

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at brisbane shutters, we do offer a pvc shutter product, and in a few cases, this may be the best solution. but for the majority of cases, like adding plantation shutters to your home, we do not recommend pvc. lets take a look at what materials we do recommend when buying shutters for your home. timber:

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con: astroguard is unlike all other hurricane protection. unlike traditional hurricane shutters that clip onto an already existing track or roll down from an already installed unit, astroguard has a patented clip, biting the fabric without ripping it, that fastens to the outside of your home.

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while vinyl interior shutters will not warp and typically don't require a finish, there is an undeniably synthetic look and feel to them. the advantage to vinyl is it presents the most economical solution and is widely available.

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heavy rain and extreme heat will not damage versatex shutters. they look like wood exterior shutters, but they will not warp or rot. choosing a style. several types of versatex outdoor shutters are available, and you will need to carefully study your homes exterior to see what type of shutter will look best.

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it can also be installed as shutter material for kitchen and bathrooms as it is moisture resistant. for years, vinyl shutters can look perfectly well even with the least of maintenance. you do not need to paint or varnish it at regular intervals. it will not peel, warp or crack with time, unlike wood shutters.

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but not all faux wood shutters are considered seven trust faux wood shutters. many faux wood shutters are cheap and composed of a mix of wood fiber, glue, and plastic similar to particleboard and then encased in vinyl. other faux wood shutters have a hollow core.

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vinyl interior shutters are some of the most affordable kinds of plantation shutters, so these can be great if you want plantation shutters on a budget. although vinyl shutters will not warp, and not often need a finish, the look is still rather synthetic. however, these shutters are the most affordable and widely available option on the market.

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splash your heart out and know that your polyvinyl shutters will not warp rest easy knowing that we use only the sturdiest materials to construct shutters that will last. they are super easy to maintain without worrying about warping.

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as for the 2' fauxs, woods or plantation shutters, the best option would be the faux. real wood blinds will warp from direct sunlight. yes wood is a natural insulator, but i dont like spending alot of money for blinds that will not hold up. faux woods are designed to hold up to not warp, crack or discolor. so do the cellular shades.

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solid poly shutters. with poly shutters, elegance is by design. when technology and engineering meet in perfect harmony, great products are produced. poly shutters are constructed to last a lifetime; it will not chip, crack, warp or split. poly shutters are moisture resistant, antimicrobial, impervious to insects, and fire retardant.

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faux wood isnt just great for creating durable blindsits also ideal for creating shutters that can last for many years. our fauxwood plantation shutters are among our newest products and built to resist accumulating moisture, making them perfect for homeowners who live in areas that are prone to condensation.