can tiles be laid direct on slab

installing ceramic tile over different floor surfaces

installing ceramic tile over vinyl or linoleum surfaces can be more complicated than expected and probably should be avoided whenever possible. however, if you can't remove the old surface or otherwise decide to install over it, lay a backer board with thin-set over the old surface to serve as your new subfloor material.

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can composite decking be laid in direct contact with the . composite deck tiles - interlocking decking tiles - wpc patio tiles wood composite decking tiles - beautiful wood look for patios, terraces, balconies and subject to extreme weather conditions rain, snow, ice or direct sunlight. dura tiles tiles can be laid

how to prepare for laying tile over a concrete floor

before you lay any sort of tile, whether it is stone, ceramic or peel and stick vinyl, you must prepare your concrete floor to ensure that the tiles will go down properly and stay where they're

can you install tile over concrete?

while you can install tile directly on concrete, problems erupt when the concrete cracks or shifts. all of the movement in concrete is transferred to the tile. cracks in concrete immediately become cracks in the tile. if you were to remove a cracked tile from concrete, undoubtedly you would see the same crack pattern below.

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tile can contribute thermal mass to a passive solar house, and to christa campbell it would make a more appealing finish floor than concrete. although tile can be placed directly over a concrete slab, products such as schluter’s ditra are designed to separate, or “uncouple,” the tile from any potential movement in the substrate and protect the tile and grout from cracking.

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the tile between my kitchen and living room Seven Trust was, when i first purchased the house, only one-half of the tile's usual size, but then i accidentally placed a full tile over it. how do i get the half-tile back? it's better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you're stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

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