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in 1998, while at the nahb reseach center, i worked on a vinyl siding recycling project in grand rapids, mi. it was pretty simple: siding installers stuffed their cut-off waste into the long cardboard boxes the new siding came in, and back-hauled both to the same place they bought their vinyl siding stock.

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if you have vinyl siding on your house and plan to update with new sidingvinyl or notyou may wonder what happens to that siding. does it stay in place and get covered over? stripped and thrown away? or how about recycled?

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out of all the siding choices, we would have to say this is the most eco-friendly siding and environmentally safe material that you can possibly use for your home. it is strht from the earth, renewable, sustainable, with nothing to recycle.

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fiber-cement siding, aluminum, stone, brick, or wood may all be reused in other homes and kept out of landfills if gently dismantled in a process known as soft demo. you can either deconstruct your house's siding and deliver the materials to a salvage yard yourself, or hire a soft demo contractor to dismantle, dig up, and sell the materials for

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several companies have produced vinyl siding using post-consumer manufactured vinyl. richard krock holds that the interior of vinyl gutters are made from recycled substrates. post-consumer recycled vinyl has increased by 40% since 2014. but again, vinyl sidings biggest win is the landfill diversion through its re-grinding process. there is

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also, aluminum is not usually considered harmful to your health or the environment. although vinyl can be recycled, the manufacturing process is known to be hard on the environment. seamless steel siding is another popular alternative. corrugated iron has been used for siding but is more popular today as a roofing material.

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in fact, between 60 and 70% of all vinyl products are made from recycled vinyl. if you are considering replacing the current vinyl siding on your home and want to recycle it, there may be facilities in your area. in many cases, your local landfill will serve as a pick-up point for vinyl siding, so you might consider calling them to find out if

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vinyl siding is a wonderful product that many homeowners prefer to use on their homes in place of wood. this is because vinyl siding is easier to clean, doesn't rot and is long-lasting. typically, 60 to 70 percent of all vinyl products are made from recycled vinyl, according to the vinyl institute.

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vinyl siding is unique in that its color is baked-in. vinyl siding's color is 100 percent homogeneous: the color on top runs all the way through. this means that the color cannot be mechanically abraded, scratched off, or stripped. if you abhor the idea of exterior house painting, this is vinyl siding's strongest point.