most durable paint for porch floor

the most durable and best paints for a concrete floor hunker

a concrete floor appears cold in a room if left to its original appearance. with a little paint, the floor comes alive with color. the process, however, is not as simple as painting a wood floor. using durable paint along with the right application process is necessary for the best possible results.

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how to paint a heavily trafficked wood floor home guides

paint it. choose a good-quality porch or floor paint. apply the top coat in even, overlapping strokes, always blending newest strokes into the edges of earlier older strokes before they can dry.

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best paint to use for porch floor? - painting & finish

the most durable paint that i have experience with on porches is sw WPCseal/treadplex. i painted 200 yards of wood bleachers at a local high school a couple of years ago and they still look solid. the only sheens are semi and gloss. this product is undoubtedly one of the most durable paints for a porch or deck.