pergola damaging 4 slab

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your 6' slab will have plenty of capacity to support to post, but it most likely will crack over time since most likely there is only wire mesh in the slab and not 4's 12 or 18' oc which would make it a structural slab that could be attached to without any issues.

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fiberglass pergolas are known for their strength and overall durability. it's no surprise that fiberglass pergolas are our best sellers typically attached pergolas require a concrete footing or slab to support the columns. in some cases they can be mounted directly to a deck. with all we've learned about the damaging rays of the sun, i

building detached pergola on concrete, need advice

hi all, i've done a lot of big projects but this one has me concerned. i will be building a 14'x12' pergola on a raised concrete patio outside a doorwall. i plan to put a polycarb clear roof on remember me? festerized - i can't cut in dig and fill with concrete as the center of the patio is filled with compacted 3/8' and the slab is 4

can my concrete pad hold a timber frame pergola?

can my concrete pad hold a timber frame pergola? how much load bearing capacity a concrete block can hold is determined by a number of factors such as how compact the soil is, the concrete mix, the age, the hydration and hardening process of concrete causes it to

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concrete slab foundation. most pergolas and pavilions can be successfully anchored to a reinforced concrete slab at least 4 in thickness with additional depth of 12 total on the outside edge. see our engineered foundation plans for more details.

can i mount a pergola on existing concrete slab

the existing slab is 4 thick. thinking of doing a 12x16 pergola with 6-6x6 poles. fast forward to this week, and i am seeing the results of his damaging project. i don't really feel like hiring an expensive attorney, but i will if i absolutely must. any ideas on what i should do to return his water to him or anything else

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post to post dimensions for solar pergola kit. post to post dimensions for the big kahuna solar ready pergola kits are the same as our big kahuna pergola kits. view dimensions here for all standard size freestanding and attached. height to the bottom of the beam: 8 posts on slab or footer = 73 10 posts on slab or footer = 93

pergola 20x20 on existing concrete slab 4' - concrete

i currently have a 20x24 concrete slab patio, and i would like to build a pergola to provide shade and a wind barrier i live on a hill that gets considerable wind . the patio is roughly 4' with rebarb on gravel. i would prefer to build roughly a 20x20 pergola on 6x6 posts. i would also prefer to just place the posts on the existing slab.

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since prolonged exposure to moisture can damage your flooring, the installation recommendations above should be closely followed. water damage is not covered under the pergo engineered Seven Trust warranty. wipe up spills immediately. do not allow liquids to stand on or stay in contact with your Seven Trust floor.

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4 5/8 expansion bolts. pergola post-setting options. normally, a free-standing pergola would be built on concrete piers, sunk below the frost line. since the patio was in good, solid shape, with concrete 5 to 6 thick, we took the instant-gratification route and built it right on the patio.

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with that kind of prep, 4', 4,000 psi, reinforced mud would be overkill for strength on that moderate load. don't dink around with 'expansion joint'* between the old and new, too many people don't understand that. the new slab will shrink guarenteed. it can never apply pressure to the hole in the long-ago-cured slab around it. you'll just make

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this garden arbor pergola has eight 4×4 posts, in contrast to other models which have only four posts. its relatively large, but it doesnt take long to build after you have placed the posts. this garden pergola is also strong enough to support four lady banks, and you can add hanging hooks for plants. view plans. 28.

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a big concern from many pergola owners and soon-to-be owners is know how to secure the pergola posts. pergola diy. home; the surface you will be using is a concrete patio slab. securing a post to concrete is the most common method of installing a pergola. it is over 20 years old and other than some neglect and minor termite damage

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i have run into the problem of having to set 4×4s for a pergola i will build. the ground in most areas is shallow soil over shale and other rock ledges. the area chosen is flat but the underlying rock makes it very daunting to dig, if not impossible without heavy equipment. i am considering drilling holes and using rod to anchor steel 4×4

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ok, 3-4' slab with welded wire mesh. fairly typical, but not strong enough to support posts from a 15x35 pergola. if it was a 12' thick driveway with rebar, different story, obviously.