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pressure-treated lumber: safest options

pressure-treated lumber: safest options. 2002, the united states environmental protection agency usepa announced a voluntary decision by industry to move consumer use of treated lumber products away from a variety of pressure-treated wood that contains arsenic by december 31, 2003, in favor of new alternative wood preservatives.

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in addition to that, all treated wood chemicals are regulated by the united states environmental protection agency epa as pesticides, and all pesticides sold or distributed in the united states must be registered by the epa. with all of that regulation it is unlikely your local building official will accept home-made treated lumber.

redwood lumber vs douglas fir lumber doityourself.com

redwood lumber and douglas fir lumber are extremely popular choices when it comes to home improvement and woodworking projects. both of these commonly grow in various parts of the world, with significant production. in the northwestern forests of america, redwood trees are prevalent. they are

the dangers of pressure treated lumber

also, it is a smart idea to wear eye protection. and most important dont work with pressure treated wood inside the home. cut it outside where mother nature is there to help. the environmental protection agency tells us that clothing worn while working around pressure treated wood should be washed separately.

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treated lumber is wood that has been treated with chemicals so that it can be used as a support with heavy objects as well as stand up to the elements. you can use treated lumber for anything from building a deck and furniture to making a shed. even though treated lumber has this added protection, it still needs to be sealed. the information contained in this article will share with you