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the modulus of elasticity is normally measured in pounds per square inch (psi) and is abbreviated as moe or e. values for e relating to wood properties are commonly in terms of million psi; for simplicity, a board with a modulus of elasticity of 2,100,000 psi. (2.1 x 106) may be reported as 2.1e.

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modulus of elasticity in compression parallel sive studies of wood properties related to this problem have been under way in the united states, canada, and elsewhere. in 1964, the southern pine inspection bureau (spib) inaugurated a research program at the u.s. forest products laboratory to determine

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young's modulus (modulus of elasticity) of wood

average values of elastic moduli along the tangential (e t) and radial (e r) axes of wood for samples from a few species are given in the following table as ratios with elastic moduli along the longitudinal (e l) axis. since the modulus of elasticity values are determined from bending, the tabulated values given above includes an effect of

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modulus of elasticity ratings are derived from the stiffness or resistence to bending of the particular wood species. these ratings pertain to longitudinal modulus of elasticity, not tangential or radial ratings.