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dip the natural bristle brush or a staining rag into the stain and apply the color to the wood. brush or rub on the stain, following the grain of the wood. cover the entire piece with one coat of stain. let the stain remain on the wood for 5 to 15 minutes or as the manufacturer instructs on the label.

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cedar shingles contain extractives that bleed to the surface when the wood becomes wet and then darken as the wood dries. those extractives can even bleed through many types of paint. the best way to prevent extractive bleed is to select a paint or stain that forms a seal over the cedar.

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best stain for western red cedar. hello i have finished and restored several log homes, but have never worked on a western red cedar home. what are the best finishes to use and what to avoid? i know they wrc has a lot of tannins and want to get the best finish on a newly constructed home.

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use a transparent stain to show off the woods natural grain. transparent stains have few pigments, so they do not change the appearance on cedar siding. overtime the wood will still turn gray. some transparent stains have ultraviolet inhibitors and wood preservatives, but many do not.

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materials needed to stain cedar siding include masking tape, surface repair supplies, solvents and other products for cleanup. labor includes planning for the job, acquiring materials and equipment, setup, preparation of the area, removal of loose finish, possible light scraping, the application of stain and the cleanup.

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whether you are dealing with natural or stained wood, most can be placed into one of the 4 categories based on their finish : yellow stains and natural woods bamboo, pine, birch, etc orange stains and natural woods fir, oak, maple, etc brown stains and natural woods ash, teak, walnut, etc

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hi all, when is the best time to stain and finish new cedar deck? which products would you reccomend? i would like it to be little darker then natural colour of wood and yet gran to be seen. this way it will be seen through the balcony door as a continuation of our beautiful dark ouk old floor in the family room. so i guess it's transparent stain.

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solid-color stains are best for completely changing the color of the wood, sort of like paint. it may cover up the grain. semi-transparent stains add a tint to the wood while allowing its natural grain to still show through. transparent stains enhance the natural color of the wood, making it look brighter and deeper. it will also bring out the grain.

new cedar deck - when to stain? this old house

unlike interior stains, which only provide color, exterior decking stains provide both color and sealing protection. you do not need aa extra seal/protection coat over exterior stains. generally, the more pigment in a stain, the more protection, as it is the pigments which block the sun's uv rays.

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deck stain colors deck stain colors. a fresh coat of stain can revive your deck and add a burst of color to your backyard. so expect the natural tone of the wood to come through and alter the stain. this subtle hue shift is the best option for outdoor color newbies. life span: 2-3 years.

which stain is right for cedar siding?

when selecting an exterior stain for your cedar siding, you will need to choose both a color and a transparency finish. most brands offer a wide selection of colors, each available in a solid finish, a semi-solid, or a semi-transparent finish. the transparency of the finish affects the final appearance of the stain. solid stain is the most opaque choice, which means that the stain color is designed to fully hide the natural grain and tone of the underlying wood.

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there is one thing you must do, however, to hold onto that warm wood glow, and that's restaining when your siding starts to look dull. restaining your cedar siding involves removing the old protective coating and applying a new layer of wood stain in the color of your choice, then applying more protective coating.

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what colors look good with wood ..depends on the value. and by 'value', we are talking about how light or dark the wood is - not how much it cost you to install this is important because getting the contrast right creates a background that will show the wood to best advantage.. for example, dark woods really stand out against light colored walls, while light woods need a strong dark color to

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before you stain the entire cedar chest, test the color by applying a small amount of stain to the underside. to refresh the fragrance of an older cedar chest, lightly sand the interior area and leave it bare. the pores will open and expose the aromatic oils, which protect clothing and other contents from insects.