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your pergola posts should fit tightly into the housing in the rafters, so you'll need to tap them in with a wooden mallet. to avoid bruising the wood, hold an off-cut of timber between the mallet and rafter.

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i have similar plans, but my pergola will be 12' x 14' and use six posts to hold them. the base of the posts will be built up brick work with stucco and a stone cap. the wood will not be in the ground, thus saving even more on lumber costs. however, i'm offsetting that with cinder block pillars 2 ft square, 3 ft high.

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what materials are used for building a pergola? traditional pergolas are constructed out of wood. popular outdoor wood types include pressure-treated pine, cedar, redwood and teak. a wooden pergola will need to be stained and sealed and will require frequent maintenance.

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we use 2 x 8 or 2 x 10s for our header boards they add strength and a great look to the piece. you will need a total of 4 header boards for the pergola. a simple curve design on the end of each header board adds to the character of the piece. trace a curve design to your liking on the two ends

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dealing with the proper construction will also be essential and you need to notice whether the people or the pro who will build the pergola ready to build a pergola using particular type of wood or not. many of them feel reluctant and find problems on building the brazilian walnut wood pergola.

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how to build a pergola adding the end beams. we will add the first layer of beams, the outer beams or support beams 2 x 12s . we will sandwich the 6 x 6 with two 2 x 12 beams. we know we want the overall height of our pergola to be at about 10 feet so we need to have the bottom of our 2 x 12 at 9 feet. mark each post on both sides at 9 feet.

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top 10 reasons for owning a pergola if you do not like being on display when you are enjoying your outdoor space, you should get a pergola. although it is an open structure, you can create privacy by adding drapes, latticework, or screens to one side of the pergola. you will find many pergola kits that come with pre-cut wood and all the

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there are a lot of choices when it comes to what species and thickness of wood to use. it really comes down to personal preference. we build all of our beams and top purlin boards from 2 thick lumber. although there are thinner and less costly options the 2 thickness gives the piece long-term strength and durability.

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however the wood category can be further subdivided in the various types of wood that may be used as some may be more ideal for outdoor conditions than others. the most common types of wood used for building pergolas include mahogany, cedar, redwood, and teak.