deck stairs to uneven ground

10 common deck defects and how to solve them

if you have an on-grade deck that sits close to the ground, its probably propped up by concrete blocks, bricks or poured-concrete piers. take a flashlight and peek beneath the deck to confirm that none of the supports has shifted out of position, cracked or sunk into the ground. unsafe stairs. if your deck has a staircase or set of steps

how to build a deck

learning how to build a deck, whether a relatively simply ground-level platform or a more complex raised deck with rails and a staircase, requires a command of basic carpentry and a commitment of time and resources. once completed, a deck adds value to your home and helps you enjoy the outdoors in greater comfort.

how to build stairs for a deck on a sloped site better

attach a crossbrace directly below the rim or header joist and anchor the stringers to the brace. the tops of the notched stringers and the metal cleats on closed stringers must line up so a tread can rest across all of them. square the stringers to the deck with a framing square, and anchor them with angle brackets.

deck stairs on uneven ground

uneven ground is very complicated for steps. you really want the distance from the last step to the ground to be uniform across the step, and the distance to the ground should be the same as the height of a step i.e., if you have risers, the last one should be at ground level.

building stairs when the landing is not even

fixing an uneven stair landing. first let me assume that when you look at the stairs from a front view, that is the stairs are coming down towards you, the patio landing slopes from left to right or right to left. that is my assumption. if that is the case there are a couple solutions to make your stairs level.

how to anchor deck stairs to concrete

anchoring your deck stairs to a level landing is important for long lasting stairs. discover our step-by-step instructions that walk through how to anchor deck stairs to concrete at

need suggestions for deck stairs landing on grass

depends upon attachment at the deck. around here we attached in a manner that if the ground heaves the stairs move up or down with the ground. never seen them move in the past

tips for building deck stairs on uneven ground

use a raised platform deck . one solution to building deck stairs on ground that slopes is building a raised platform deck. it makes it easy to go from the house to ground level, despite the uneven ground underneath. the deck will attach to the house above the ground. align the stringers correctly . stringers act like ladders steps and are necessary to help hold your deck stairs in place. when they fall on uneven ground they can become misaligned over time.

how to add stairs to your deck how-tos diy

attach the railings to the posts with 3 deck screws, making sure the slope matches that of the stairs. cut similar pieces that will serve as the lower railings and baluster supports. install these railings between the posts, making sure they are parallel to the upper railings.

need suggestions for deck stairs landing on grass

re: need suggestions for deck stairs landing on grass. on the west coast, that's not ground contact pt. doublers, triplers, any type of exterior lamination will not hold up 15 years. i tear them out on a regular basis and i live in an area with an average rainfall of 14 inches.

how to build stairs for your deck the family handyman

heres how to build stairs for your deck. picture a stair slope in your mind to estimate about a 40-degree slope and guess at a landing point. then measure the total rise to the landing spot with a strht 2×4 and a 4-ft. level as you start to figure out how to build stairs.

how to build an elevated deck on uneven ground dengarden

the posts near the stairs are on higher ground that the ones on the other side by almost a foot. from one side of the stairs to the other is a 10 1/2-inch slope. measure, measure, and measure again to ensure your deck is good and level.

building deck stairs on uneven ground : rickyhil outdoor

building deck stairs on uneven ground, follow the deck uneven concrete stairs add nostalgic appearance on decks work well on an excellent space to relax outdoors without damaging the same.

how to build stringerless stairs on uneven ground

re: how to build stringerless stairs on uneven ground i have done this once. the stairs/treads are actually lag bolted into the cement,not attached to the deck. the deck was on sono tubes which kept level. the floating cement pad would rise and fall and so do the stairs with the season.

how to build steps and stairs: calculations for stair rise

how to measure and layout a stair rise and run over uneven ground. this explanation is now found at stair designs for uneven / sloped surfaces. stairs built over both an uneven hillside and uneven bottom or top landing. this topic moved to stair designs, uneven top and bottom landings. mathematical approach to building stairs spanning uneven ground