turning over deck floors

how to install a heated tile floor how-tos diy

a radiant-heat floor can save homeowners up to 25 percent in energy bills. with these step-by-step instructions, diynetwork.com experts show how to install a radiant-heat system and tile floor.

let me talk you out of staining your floor wood floor

let me talk you out of staining your floors. we get this customer call weekly. in the seven years that our storefront has been open, we've experienced a variation on the following conversation that illustrates a common misunderstanding about floor st

vinyl floor discoloration floor central

vinyl floor discoloration is a more common occurrence than one might think. sheet vinyl floor discoloration can develop from above the product surface, below the product surface or within the product itself. with lighter colored material vinyl floor discoloration from both above and below are common. why vinyl floor discoloration?

floor above garage building america solution center

air seal the band and rim joists and any penetrations. block off any open floor joists running from the garage ceiling to under other parts of the home to prevent the infiltration of airborne pollutants .see the guide garage rim/band joist adjoining conditioned space for more information. use an air barrier material such as plywood, sheathing, rigid foam, or osb see figure 4 .

chapter 3: clear floor or ground space and turning space

this guide explains requirements in the ada standards for clear floor or ground space and turning space. clearances are required at accessible elements, fixtures, and controls so that people with disabilities, including those who use wheelchairs, can approach and use them.

turning over deck floors - decks and fencing - contractor talk

hello everyone how hard is it to turn over deck floor? i have never done this before, but one of my customers called me to power wash his deck and it looks like it needs to be replaced due to a lot of

how to convert a deck into a sunroom ehow

it's a great room for plants to grow, because of the abundance of light, and can add value to your home. converting a deck into a sun room will extend your living space. if you decide that you want to convert a deck into a sun room, look into buying energy-efficient windows or glass panels to keep the cost of heating down.

how to convert a covered deck into an indoor living area

a sunrrom is one option for converting your covered deck into an indoor living area. then turn that over to an architect for professional blueprints based on your ideas. 'how to convert a

how to remodel a dirt basement floor doityourself.com

a lot of older homes were made with a bare dirt basement floor. such basements were considered to be unused spaces, but these days many people who own classic and historical houses look for ways to maximize the use of every available space within the house. if they do a home improvement on their

sunroom with deck - ideas and pictures

adding a sunroom with deck will allow you the space to grill, keep potted plants and your outside patio furniture while keeping a space for enjoying when the weather isnt pristine. by keeping space open on your existing deck, you allow for two separate living areas for different purposes.

my Seven Trust floor is changing colors, what's wrong

i have Seven Trust floors in my kitchen, and i dont see any problem with it at all. the floors are very well-sealed, so that any liquids bead up and can easily be wiped off. i guess im not super clumsy in the kitchen, but its hard for me to see what id be spilling on the floor all the time anyway.

how to fix a warped wood floor networx

warping causes much more damage to your floors than cupping does. it can manifest in various forms of plank disfigurement, and should be taken very seriously. most often, a warped wood floor is caused by standing water or heavy moisture below the floor, due to an unidentified leak or other hidden water source. sometimes, even a nearby water

upcycle pallets into a wood floor doityourself.com

just turn the stud finder on and pass it over the floor. when the finder indicates a stud, mark the floor at that location. repeat until you have found every joist in the space you plan to work with. step 4 install underlayment paper. among other things, flooring underlayment paper can help prevent vapor/moisture damage. use 15-pound felt

vinyl floors stains

if its coming loose, tear it out and start over. otherwise, the second option is quicker and easier. besides, the old vinyl will make a great underlayment. the stain wont come up through the old vinyl and discolor the new floor. bottom-up staining has become less common over the last 10 years because adhesive formulas have improved.

changing gloss/sheen of floor : Seven Trust floor finishing

hello, my wife and i recently purchased a new home and the Seven Trust floors currently have glossy finish. we love the glossy look of the floor when they are clean, but having a lab shedding and kids, the dirt and hair quickly becomes noticeable.

laying a new subfloor over old pine flooring home guides

adding subfloor and flooring could raise the floor height 1 inch or more, depending on the type of flooring you choose. munroe, shala. 'laying a new subfloor over old pine flooring' accessed

how to enclose a patio, porch or deck

do you love your patio, porch or deck, but wish you could get more use out of it? how to enclose a patio, porch or deck. sunroom blog main page. categories budgeting for a home addition 10 if you choose insulated flooring for a four season room, its important to be aware that the job may require additional time and resources