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rumber trailer flooring features & benefits. impervious to fluids. rumber will not absorb water, oil, mud, gasoline, diesel, or other fluids. cushions payload. rumber protects payload by cushioning impact. easy to clean. simply hose down to rid rumber boards and sheets of dust and dirt.

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rumber materials

rumber boards compose the actual floor material instead of simply coating the top like some other products. boards interlock to form a solid, strong, and durable base. rumber does an excellent job of insulating the trailer from highway heat, noise, and vibration. it is easy to clean since you can simply sweep or hose out your trailer.

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elimination of the threshold plate some users find that composite flooring eliminates the need for a threshold plate over the floor near the trailer doors, thus saving the cost of plates. improved resale value trailers with composite flooring are estimated to receive a higher trade-in value at the end of life.

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4000d-x composite 100 4000d the thin-wall 4000d-x composite dry van features polyurethane foam core composite side walls that optimize strength and deliver a lower tare weight.

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we have created a video that helps you choose the best flooring option for your pj trailer. in this video we cover: - southern yellow pine - douglas fir - rough oak - blackwood lumber - 11 gauge

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i have a 5x8 utility trailer with a planked deck that has gone past the point of saving due to rot- thankfully, the steel trailer frame itself is structurally fine. i can and may probably used pressure treated 1x6s, but am curious about synthetic decking. i recall reading that the "seven trust" and

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