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WPCpoxy has the products you need to strengthen and restore your pool deck for increased durability. our WPCrenew wood and concrete resurfacer is the perfect option for those looking to revamp their pool deck area quickly. this specially formulated epoxy coating, one of the leading pool deck resurfacing products on the market today, is

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pool shade covers. a pool shade cover will transform your pool with color and style while providing valuable shade from the intense summer sun. a strategically placed sun sail, umbrella or pergola will provide shade for anyone swimming in the pool or lounging on the poolside deck. in addition to providing relief from the sun,

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a plain concrete pool deck isn't very attractive, and it can be hazardous, as well. smooth concrete is a fairly slippery surface, and hot concrete baking in the sun can burn your feet. a variety of pool deck coatings are available to give your deck a high-quality appearance,

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accordingly, its definitely nice to have some form of covered outdoor seating area so that you can take full advantage of your outdoor space as much as possible. while there are many options for a covered deck or covered patio, one very popular option is adding and on as a cover to your deck or patio.

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pool deck pavers are used for the aesthetic effect and texture it brings to the pool deck area, while at the same time pool deck pavers have a high wear and tear resistance and have a non-slip surface that will last a long time.

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a gorgeous deck overlooking the stunning garden area of the property. this covered deck features an iron railing with wooden frame. this covered deck offers interesting seats and a grill stove.

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want something different for your pool deck? how about travertine? it comes in many colors and at travertine warehouse we offer the most popular sizes for your project including french pattern. use one color for your entire pool deck including the coping that goes around the edge of the pool or use contrasting or complimentary colors.

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pool safety covers are a great way to ensure your pool water stays safe and clear throughout the winter months and ready for next season. leslie's safety covers are constructed with reinforced, tightly woven fabric that secures safely to your pool deck.

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WPCstone pool deck coating. WPCstone is our innovative roll on stone system. what makes WPCstone so unique is that the liquid coating is infused with ground stone. this deck coating not only gives your pool deck a gorgeous and expensive look, but it also provides a safer, non-skid surface to maintain safety by the pool as a priority.

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pool deck resurfacing with our classic texture. if you want a beautiful pool deck area, then our classic texture system is the answer you are looking for. this system is not only attractive, but also has a slip-resistant finish. this in particular, is excellent for your pool area that are prone to slipping.

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a cool bundle includes one 3-gallon kit of cool pool deck coating that covers 150 square feet of deck - depending on your deck condition. when purchased separately, these items sell for considerably more.

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a large pool deck will prevent leaves and other debris from finding their way into the water - catriona tudor erler, author of poolscaping: gardening and landscaping around your swimming pool and spa in southern california, luxury pool builder shea alderete is keen on pavers as the best choice for pool decks.

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retractable shade canopies are probably the most comprehensive shade solution for a pool, capable of delivering reliable sun protection to an entire section of a pool with ease. these large canopies run across the pool along beams spanned between support posts on each side of the pool, giving homeowners an easy and very stylish way to shade a pool.

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the best pool deck flooring option the grout lines in tile and flagstone get dirty, are hard to clean and have weak structural points that crack more easily. because these grout lines foster germs, mold and mildew, they can be an unhygienic option for any kind of swimming pool flooring.