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the fedora pergola kit comes standard with 6×6 posts, double 2×8 beams, 2×8 rafters, 2×2 top slats and stainless steel hardware. the rafters are un-notched and configured in 3 sets of 2 for sizes 8×8 to 15×15, or 4 sets of 2 for larger sizes. all standard sizes with rafters 8-15 include 8 top slats.

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pergolas offer instant shade for your patio and structural interest in your landscape. learn how to build a pergola for your backyard in this step-by-step guide. install the rafters lay the rafters perpendicular across the crossbeams. the rafters on the edges sit on the posts. space the rafters a foot apart on center.

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while you are installing these, take the time to keep them level and make sure the upright posts stay plumb. step 5- attach rafters to deck pergola. lift each 2x6 rafter up to the top of the pergola and attach with wood screws. stand the rafters on end and span across the width of the pergola. attach with either hanging ties or by toenailing the screw.

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screw or bolt the cross beams to the posts. screw the cross beams into the posts with bolts or 4 inches 10 cm screws. place 2 screws on each end of the cross beam to secure them tightly. your pergola should now have 2 cross beams running parallel to each other on each side of the structure.

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next, prepare the rafters by installing the stainless steel rafter beam brackets to make working with the rafters easier once placed on top of the beams. install the beams by sliding them over the threaded rods, then add a storm load washer and two hex nuts. be sure to tighten the hex nuts according to the instructions received with your pergola kit.

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install rafters 2 by 8 rafters are then attached to the beams with 12-16 spacing, depending on how much shade you need. be sure to countersink the rafters into the beams. lay lattice or stringers the last step in construction is to attach lattice or stringers small strips of wood to the roof.

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if you have your pergola posts in, your pergola frame installed, and your pergola rafter lumber stained, youre probably ready to move onto finishing up your wood pergola by installing the rafters. in this tutorial, we will show you how to install pergola rafters quickly, relatively easily, and inexpensively without brackets.

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to install your beams, fasten them to the mid-line of the pergola adapter block using three screws, vertically from top to bottom. next attach the outside and middle rafters to the installed beams and then install the final two beams. then finish installing the remaining rafters by securing them at the rafter beam brackets.

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the pergola requires around two to four beams on all sides, and the rafters are attached to the top of the beams. cut the beams to the right length. its also good to purchase the precut beams and rafters to make your work easier and also to ensure you get the right size.

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how to install pergola posts. building a pergola is a wonderful way to add value to your home and your life. pergolas are instant gathering places and provide a beautiful boost to the exterior of your home. in order to build a pergola, of course, you will need to install the pergola posts.

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as the sun travels, the rafters cast wide lines of shade under the structure, except around midday when the sun is directly overhead. planting climbing vines on the pergola or installing a solid

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5 temporarily set the girders with deck screws above the cleats, then install the through-bolts in the girders and posts. allow the girder to rise above the post an inch or so in case you decide to run wire for lights or power. 6 cut the rafter tails on the ground, then mark their 18-inch cantilevers against the posts.

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if your pergola is an even number of feet wide, you find the center point, measure six inches to either side and place your first rafters there. then youll place subsequent rafters a foot off center from those rafters until you reach the end, for a total number of nine rafters that stop a foot short of the edge.

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a visual guide from softwoods timberyards showing you the steps to install gable frames and the ridge on a gable roof pergola. if you require any further instruction or would like a price on your

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sunday build and install the pergola steps 5 12 . download and print the cut list. cut list for building a garage pergola. designed to fit over a one-car garage, this pergola measures 144 inches wide by 28 inches deep by 29 inches tall. 2x4 pressure-treated boards for the rafters: cut to fit; ours measured 12 feet.

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cut the rafters. to find the location of the rear lentil for the rafters, use a framing square. once you located where the mark falls on the 2 x 10, measure the distance and be sure to add 10' for the overhang. cut one end of each 2 x 8 rafter to get the necessary length desired.

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once done, fix the rafters to the main beam using the right-angle brackets and the 25mm recessed screws provided. although the angle brackets have 3 fixing holes per side you only need to use 2 of them to fix to the main beam and 1 to fix to the rafter to achieve a firm fixing.

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common rafters. in a sloped roof, common rafters run from the peak of the roof down to the top of the exterior walls of the building. at the peak, the rafters are nailed to a ridge board, and at

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installing a clear pergola roof was the best decision ever. it has turned our side yard is a three season patio that we can enjoy in any weather. we love our new patio pergola, but the only thing that could make it better was installing a clear pergola roof.

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install the rafters. place one end of the rafter into the joist holder. the other end of the rafter should go through hurricane tie so that it sits on top of the beams. a short overhang is best. screw the rafter in place. do this for each rafter.

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the crossbeams carry the load of the pergola. you will need two beams on each side. optional: cut a decorative angle on the ends of the rafters. to make simple decorative ends, cut 45-degree angle on the bottom corner at each end of the rafters. tip: buy the beams and rafters precut to the size you need.

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installing the rafters of the carport. cheap pergola for sale install corrugated roofing - wikihow see more. bodenbelag bodenbelag. deko-ideen bodenbelag. types of joist hangers. outdoor projects wood projects woodworking projects deck footings playhouses home fix decks and porches laying decking deck plans.

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installing rafters. with the rafter bottoms and girder tops laid out, placing the rafters dead-on-money is easy, just line up the lines then toe-nail or screw through each rafter into each girder. this is soooo much easier than measuring everything from the top of a ladder.

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as long as the rafter positions have been clearly marked on the tops of your frame boards and center beams, you can jump to the top of your pergola and begin installing rafters from the outside in toward center .

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this is the third video in a series of instructional videos taking you through the entire installation process of the big kahuna or sombrero pergola kit from all of our pergolas

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although our pergola kits are easy to install, many customers hire a professional to handle the installation and to assist with other projects like staining/painting, patio/pavers, hardscaping, and outdoor kitchens. pergola depot has this listing of a network of pergola contractors, pergola installers, and service providers in the united states and canada as a reference for our customers.

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figuring out proper pergola rafter spacing can be tricky. we've got instructions and examples to show you how to space rafters when the numbers don't make it easy, when to use an even number of rafters and when to use an odd number, when to start your spacing with a rafter in the very center of the roof, and more.