how to upholster side panels on a powerboat

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since we were re-doing all of the upholstery on the bridge deck on our powerboat makeover, the vinyl side panels needed to be reupholstered as well to match the new color scheme. this is an easy update that makes a big difference to the look of your boat.

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also underneath the fabric is a layer of silk film, which helps the cover be pulled over the console and adds an added layer of moisture protection. in the complete how to video, youll also learn how to cut a relief slit in the cover to fit it over the console and how to use the beauclip panel mounting system to install an access panel.

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removing side panels on bayliner classic january 8th, 2011, 02:48 pm has anyone taken the interior side panels off of a boat like this. keep in mind that i want to re-install them. 1993 bayliner classic 1950. thanks.

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marine vinyl fabric - boat auto upholstery colors yards in crafts, fabric voted the source for marine vinyl fabric. backing: polyester knit back. adhesion of coating astm warp lbs. check out our top selling marine vinyl fabrics black, white and gray are our most popular colors, but every color seems to be flying off our shelves.

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use the full width of the plywood as often as possible; if there is an odd width piece, make that the piece on the starboard side, on the back wall of the cabin. use the jigsaw to cut out openings in the plywood for windows, power outlets or other fixtures that cannot be covered by the vinyl panels.

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prev article next article. boat curved backrest and seat plus side panels before and after back to lounge seat upholstery boat upholstery chap 27 part 2 of monterey backrest conclusion. how to reupholster a back boat lounge seat you. past upholstery finished projects gallery john s mandan nd. how to reupholster back boat lounge seats sailrite.

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re: reattaching upholstered side panels lots of times the screws are hidden behind a button or in the side of a pleat. they put a tiny hole in the vinyl and drive the screw thru it. the vinyl pops back up and you can't tell where the screws are.

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lay the cut fabric facedown on the floor. place the plywood on top with the foam side down against the fabric. center the panel so the same amount of fabric extends from all sides. pull the fabric taunt, starting at the top, and staple it to the back with a staple gun about 1 inch from the edge of the panel.

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the top of the box, as well as two small side tops shapes were cut from the carpet and taken to a local upholstery shop to have a black binding sewn on, with a flap left to wrap around the wooden

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reupholstering dining chairs: two-panel padded backs. the most difficult part of refinishing these chairs was the fact that there was a padded back panel on both sides of the chair. most tutorials i found online didnt show how to reupholster chairs with two padded back panels.

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measure the length of your side bolsters and divide the total by 3. this will be how many yards you need. stop down at the local joann fabrics store and look at the two different grades of marine vinyl they carry. one is nautolex and a vinyl coated polyester fabric. the other the more traditional vinyl with a poly scrim on the back.

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ill be replacing the interior vinyl and upholstery on our boat pretty soon, and need advice on the wood to use. current wood is worthless, falling apart, and the bolts are rusted to pieces inside the wood. so after trying to do research on the type of wood to use and how to treat it, ive found a

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in this video we will show how to reupholster side panels on a powerboat. we will remove the old upholstered side panels and replace the foam and then staple

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our 'how to make a powerboat cover' video tutorial is full of helpful tips, techniques and step-by-step instructions for making a perfectly snug cover. join us in this fun marine diy project there are many benefits to making your own custom powerboat cover.

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how to upholster side panels on a powerboat - duration: 27:13. sailrite 266,685 views. how to boat upholstery * no sewing * diy reupholster boat interior panels vinyl repair boat project

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the first measurement is up and down. second is side to side. we'll be using 1/2' seams on most articles in our series, so, add 1' to your measurements to get the cut size. figure the length of the welt cord.

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videos to come will be the dissecting of the interior side panels, re-upholstery of panels, wake board tower installation and many more as we get the boat ready for the first camping trip of the

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how to boat upholstery side panels no sewing boat reupholstery marine upholstery how to upholster side panels on a powerboat - duration: 27:13. sailrite 261,624 views. 27:13.

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the flat panels are relatively easy to fabricate. most can be cut simply by measuring the width and length of the area to be covered. others, like this oddly-shaped side panel, are made by first creating a paper pattern and then tracing it onto the backer board photo 16-1 . photo 16-2 shows all of the flat panels cut and installed in the car.

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i had a similar problem, had all the side panels on the bow taken of and replaced upholstery. the christmas tree fasteners worked well on the strht panels but for the bent bow panels i had to drill the holes in the plywood before glueing the foam, threaded the bolts through the holes, tighten them up with the nuts over wide washers and then

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for the side panels where you have access to tighten nuts, install counter sunk bolts that would 'lock' into the wood from the panels upholster over them, drill holes for the bolts to slide threw, and tighten down normally with the nut and ratchet.

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were demonstrating on a powerboat, but the principles can be applied for a sailboat, too. for our maxum 2900 scr powerboat the side curtains will attach to your bimini at the top and snap directly to your boat at the aft and bottom edges. the front edge of the side panels will attach to the front curtain, which well make in a later step.

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there are many ways to upholster side panels, here we are simply using a backer board, foam the vinyl fabric with piping around the sides. a teak strip of wood will help accentuate the look of ours.

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over time the plywood will loose its laminate properties, or youre going o see peeling. if you dont renew it, it will affect your upholstery project. try to use the existing material as a template. step 2. remove the old boat upholstery. remove the seats from the boat and disassemble backrests, seat cushions, and covered pieces.

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i used the old door panels as a template and double checked the fit to the car. this is the rear passenger side panel with all the holes cut out including stainless trim holes and mounting holes. back of passenger panel to show the material used the next stage is to glue on 1/4' thick foam to the panel.

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building a show-quality interior to match the rest of your build can be a daunting task. however, with a little instruction and a broad selection of car interior upholstery parts, the task is made easier than you might think. this series of videos will walk you through building custom interior door panels.

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in this video we will demonstrate how to use and install the prefabricated vinyl piping from sailrite. how to upholster side panels on a powerboat how to boat upholstery front bow side