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improving your housing association property nidirect

sometimes a housing association must make improvements to a home or adapt a home to suit the tenant's needs. getting permission to improve rented accommodation. if you're a secure tenant in housing association accommodation, you have the right to improve your home if you have written permission from the landlord.

how to maximize your rental income through renovation

quite recently, i completed a property renovation in the uk and had it on the market for a modest $630/month £420 for a one bedroom mid-terrace house. however, an appraiser told me that by installing a new kitchen and bathroom, the monthly rent could quite feasibly increase to $700/month £460 .

6 landscaping tricks that add $15,000 value to your property

they want to enjoy their garden space, but not be a slave to it. getting started . as with any renovation, you need to start at the end. work out your target market that is most likely to purchase your house. your target market and your property value will mostly determine what elements you add to your garden and how much you spend on it.

7 landscaping tips to increase your propertys value

tidying and greening around your home increases property value, is great for the environment and has been shown to improve your health landscaping is a win win proposition.

decorating a rented home house and garden

just ask house and garden's own former-stylist alexander breeze, who shared before and after photos of his beautified rental. we asked some top interior designers what they recommend to clients who are renting; here are their tips for making a space feel like home, no matter how temporary. tip 1. know the ground rules

10 ways to improve your home's curb appeal

flowers along the sidewalk, in front of the house, inside flower boxes, pouring out of hanging baskets, or even in berms and raised garden beds provide a giant boost to your curb appeal. planting flowers is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to make a big impact.

how to decorate a rented property ideal home

add modular storage. modular storage is great for rented properties, not only will it fit any size or shape room, it's also easy to remove at the end of a tenancy. an open design like this will allow you to display all your prized possessions, giving your home even more personality. try seven trust for storage like this.

how to increase rental property value: a five-step guide

you can increase rental property value with relatively little outlay, and a small initial investment can pay dividends further down the line. rental property value calculator. first, however, its important to understand what we mean when we talk about rental value. rental yield is one of the most important figures for any landlord. it refers to the rent your property can generate as a proportion of its value. rental yield will be a key consideration at every stage of your investment.

how to improve the outside of your home: 9 steps with

how to improve the outside of your home. when you look at the outside of your home you want to see something appealing to your senses and sight. it is always not easy to maintain the outside of your house, but by improving the image of

before and after garden makeover ideas for your landscape

this planting also takes advantage of color to create extra impact. the contrasting purple-and-chartreuse color theme looks great and personalizes the garden. hint: to create extra impact, look for colors that will accent your house colors. a thick layer of mulch makes maintenance easy; it keeps weeds at bay and reduces the need for watering.

6 ways to increase the rental value of your property

t he key to maximising the rental value of properties is understanding how to attract tenants who will pay the most or finding a way to get more rent from property.. one of the first things

which maintenance expenses can be deducted on rental

the great thing about rental property is that every cent you put into the property, whether for maintenance, repair or capital improvement, helps maintain the property's value. it's also tax deductible, either in the same year the expense was made or proportionately

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income property hgtv

cheryl and amreed are in love but work and distance are keeping them apart. they want a home to start their lives in, but to afford it needs to have an income property. scott helps them chose between a new-build in the suburbs, a mid-town bungalow, and an urban row house.

rental garden makeovers: 10 best budget ideas for an

rental garden makeovers: 10 best budget ideas for an outdoor space 1. accentuate the positive. 2. prune boldly. 3. fix up whats underfoot. 4. slap on a coat of paint. 5. try quick cover-ups. 6. invest in containers. 7. divide and conquer. 8. use grass for hedges. 9. buy flexible furniture.

can a tenant plant their own garden at a rental property

compromise 1. flower bed garden. if the rental property has flower beds near the house or in the yard, consider letting the tenant use these areas as a garden. because they are already part of the landscape, its not a big deal for the tenant to prepare the ground for planting.

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garden features that add most to your property value - how

the experts revealed that the garden feature which adds the most value to a property is a shed. in fact, 82 per cent of property professionals claim a decent-sized shed is the most cited feature to boost value. next on the list is a good quality patio or paving 76 per cent ,

home improvement ideas better homes and gardens

we have the best home improvement projects, expert advice, and diy home improvement ideas for your home. whether you want to customize a basic builder design, renovate an old home, or learn how to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom, you can create your dream home with smart planning and the right home improvement contractors.

how to enhance the value of your property

while you want to improve your property and increase the value, you also want to be cautious so that you do not over-improve your property. you dont want to spend an amount of money on a renovation where you will not see a return on your investment.

7 rental property sins thatll put you in the poor house

whether you are gung-ho to manage your rental property yourself, or an accidental landlord knowing the 7 property management sins that follow will be an invaluable resource in keeping you out of the poor house.

9 cheap garden ideas - best garden ideas on a budget

dig a hole and plant each part in your flowerbed. next year when they've grown and spread, you can dig them up and pull them apart again to gain even more plants. you'll get a wonderful display in a couple of years for very little cash. six geranium plants are usually enough to get going in an average sized garden.

who is responsible for the garden of a rented property

when it comes to the gardens of a rented property, landlords and tenants can get easily confused with whats required from both parties. subsequently, many disputes occur due to the withholding of deposit money as a result of garden issues.

what kinds of rental property expenses can i deduc

what kinds of rental property expenses can i deduct? the irs lets you deduct ordinary and necessary expenses required to manage, conserve, or maintain property that you rent to others. you're allowed to deduct these expenses if your property is vacant, as long as you're trying to rent it .

rental sweet rental: how to decorate your rented home

rental sweet rental: how to decorate your rented home with property prices soaring, more and more people are stuck in rented houses when they would rather own, but a bit of creativity can help to

creative ways to upgrade a rental property : farmers insurance

whether you've purchased a property with the intention of finding renters or you're turning a home into a rental unit, improvements and renovations may help maximize rental income. according to the census bureau's american community survey , the number of renter-occupied housing units in the u.s. stands at a 50-year high, and increased nearly 20 percent between 2005 and 2015 from 36.7 million to 43.7 million .

improvements made to rental property by tenant rentprep

keeping an attractive rental property full of good tenants is the ultimate goal of landlords, and each instance needs to be determined carefully. however, landlords would be wise to set up or reaffirm the conditions in the lease agreement for alterations, even if they lucked out this time and the home improvement truly is an improvement.

make your rental property desirable to tenants

if the exterior of your building is not up to par, a prospective tenant may not want to come inside. here are some inexpensive ways to increase your property's curb appeal: remove weeds, trash, and debris. make sure the lawn and shrubbery are well-manicured.