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pergola footing hello, im about to build my timber pergola with the base going to be concrete. im not sure if i should first concrete the pergola posts into the ground and then get the conrete ground poured or should i get the concreter when pouring the concrete to put in the stirrups in?

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diy concrete footings for pergola: the concepts for woodworking remain the exact same, whatever the method used to make the finished product. once you finish your very first project you'll be amazed with how the entire procedure will affect you.

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pergola footings. building a pergola with 6x6 posts onto a 4' thick slab. have post saddles but wondering if drilling a 5/8' hole in the slab for the saddles is such a good idea. a thin slab like that would probably be more prone to cracking over time with the hole through it.

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new slab, properly sloped, slightly above grade, control joints, etc. the slab will be 3-4 thick, 6-bag mix with fiber and a curing agent at our optionwe may stain it, so we may forgo that. anywaysthe question: at some point, we may add a pergola above this.

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pergola footings. creating reliable pergola footings is probably one of the most important parts of pergola construction - and there is no more solid a method than to cement the footings into the ground for a really strong and stable garden structure.

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attachment in the planning stage of a gabled roof pergola pavilion . pavilion will have a 22' x 23' covered roof. held up with 6-8x8 cedar post attached to patio concrete slab with stirrups using red heads, the post will not be place into concrete.

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can i mount a pergola on existing concrete slab? i have an existing concrete patio slab, that is almost 20 years old at this point and i am considering adding a pergola to our patio. the slab is in good shape and has no signs of any problems.

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patio stones are the easiest way you can support the wooden floor. they make for a formidable foundation when the ground is relatively level and the structure is not too large. patio stones can be used for the foundation if your gazebo is less than 14 ft.

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the right way would be to pour a pier with a bell at the bottom just out side of your existing slab. the depth and width will depend on the load amount the post will be carrying. another option is to put the post on the existing slab and dig out underneath and pour a pier underneath.