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backyard shade ideas with shade sails finally, if you want a cool look for over your patio, or even your pool, think about using shade sails. they come in triangular and rectangular shapes of different sizes, and are attached to posts, trees or buildings with hooks and cables.

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these free pergola plans will help you build that much needed structure in your backyard to give you shade, cover your hot tub, or simply define an outdoor space into something special. building a pergola can be a simple to continue reading the pergola kits are the easiest and quickest way to build a garden pergola.

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measure and cut lumber. the exact design for the structure depends on the size and shape of the area to be shaded. for this project, a 200 square-foot patio required six posts placed 8 to 10 feet apart to support the structure. carefully measure and mark the redwood lumber to correspond with the structure's design.

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if you want a deck shade structure with a proper roof, diy gazebo kits* are a good way to go. the metal ones like this end up costing about the same as it would to build a wood one from scratch. the metal ones like this end up costing about the same as it would to build a wood one from scratch.

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tall order: vertical trellis. even if you have overhead shade, low morning or late afternoon light can make your patio uncomfortably hot in summer. filter low-flying rays with a vertical trellis for growing leafy climbing plants. the taller the trellis 60 inches or more , the more time you enjoy in the shade.

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the crew cut 45-degree bevels on the ends of the braces that prevent lateral movement in the structure. monroe initially tacked the braces in place with decking screws followed later with large lag bolts. the post and beam structure with joists looks very much like a deck build.

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if your deck or patio is located in full sun and has no protection from the elements, its simple to build an inexpensive backyard shade house on it or another sunny spot so you can enjoy that

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these nifty projects do more than just keep off the sun. use shade panels to define outdoor seating areas, or add privacy from nosy neighbors around your pool or deck. keep in mind that adjustable panels are the most useful; you can always remove or retract them if you decide you need more light, or if heavy wind threatens to damage them.

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in the late afternoon when decks tend to see a lot of activity it will be more to the west, becoming almost horizontal at sunset. plan the shade structure with this in mind. arbors and pergolas. arbors provide broken shade and define a space, giving the feeling of an open outdoor room .

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here is a helpful guide to inexpensive solutions for creating shade for your patio or deck, from reasonable canopies, shade ideas, imaginative ways to create shade, and using plants and natural resources for shade. keep your patio cooler, block out those harmful rays, and enjoy it all day long

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the post and beam structure with joists looks very much like a deck build. the bolts run through the beams and the post with a bolt head and washer on one side and a washer and nut on the other. the crew cut counter bores in the beams to slightly recess washers for the bolts.

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cool deck ideas make you think of shade a canopy patio awning is a fabric-roofed structure supported by a freestanding, rigid frame thats bolted to your deck. the frame becomes a permanent part of your deck, and you can either leave the fabric up year-round or remove it seasonally. the fabric should last about 15 years.

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if you want to shade only part of an area, such as one corner of a patio, then use three posts and anchors and a triangular-shaped piece of canvas. make a smaller shade house with thinner posts to shade an outdoor grill or picnic table.

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step 1. mark each corner of the patio 6 inches in from each edge. this will be the location for the posts to your roof. set the post base connectors on the patio in these spots, and make sure they are aligned square with the edges of the patio.

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deck out a freestanding structure build your own salvage-style fortress of solitude, and outfit it with a daybed for shady afternoon reading. learn how to separate the gems from the junk with the this old house tv crew's guide to hunting for salvaged items .

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the adjusters also keep the structure off the courtyard pavers so that water cannot wick up the posts. i painted 10 ¾ electrical conduit to hold the center of the sun shade material up.

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adding a covering to an existing patio is a great way to add some shade and shelter from the rain. if you would like to tackle this project yourself and do it inexpensively, how to build an inexpensive cover for a patio hunker

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depending on the model, these backyard shade structures can be either permanent or movable structures that provide shade and protection in your outdoor space. gazebos range in price and level of difficulty to assemble. many designs include curtains or netting to help keep bugs at bay and up the visual appeal.

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for seamless patio shade ideas, check these out. if you want a shade structure that naturally blends both in size and style with your deck or patio, build your own pergola or patio shade awning structure. cover the pergola with awning fabric, or plant vines to create a green, living shelter.

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a pergola can filter out sunlight on decks that aren't shaded by your trees. additionally, one can add an architectural point of interest to your grilling space. get more details on this reader's pergola project. add a little shade to your driveway with our how to build a garage pergola project.

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fence all can help you redesign your outdoor space with a deck built just for you. discover all of our deck options today and start enjoying your space. find multi level decks design ideas to help you design and planning your custom multi level deck and beautify your backyard with this complete guide.

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to show that you can build your own diy shade structure for your patio or deck, in this post we've compiled 10 ideas built by our customers using kee klamp fittings. these ideas include shade sails, umbrellas, awnings, trellis structures, and more.

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steve's garage. how to paint countertops - looks like slate - $65 diy budget friendly kitchen update - duration: 24:39. lisa capen quilts 623,133 views

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arbors have an open roof structure that is similar to a pergola, but unlike a pergola they have trellis-like structures on either side, which allows vines to easily grow up and over the structure to provide shade.

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building inexpensive, yet stylish, shade structures requires some construction skills. a simple structure consisting of 2 x 6 wood posts and netting may add an elegant charm to your yard and provide protection from the sun.