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great pergola. my question is to make a pergola 16 x 11.5 feet would i have to use bigger post than 4×4s and can i use 2×8 for joist and 2×6 for the beams. there would be three 4×4s on the 11.5 feet side with six 18 feet joists to make the 16 feet. then use the many 13.5 foot beams to finish it off.

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i wouldnt recommend wisteria. albeit very pretty, it can grow in any cracks on the driveway or bricks on your house and start to ruin structures. my parents had some and it actually started to grow into the mortar and pop bricks out on their house. it is a nightmare to get rid of once it takes off.

10 smart ways to bring shade to your outdoor space - bob vila

10 smart ways to bring shade to your outdoor space the side of the house, or nearby trees. you dont need to invest in expensive outdoor curtains to add a little shade to your pergola

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if you have ever wanted to build your own patio pergola, then this is the perfect post for you. we encountered a few challenges besides the month of rain and i am excited to share it all with you. building a pergola attached to the house is a big project, but totally worth it.

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your climate also plays a part. our winters are cold and the heavy clay soil shifts, so attaching a pergola to the home has the potential to tear something off the house, even if you go down four feet with the footings, aakre cautions.

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before planning and building a pergola, discover the best options for your house and yard. check out these pergola design ideas to get you started. before planning and building a pergola, discover the best options for your house and yard. flat-roofed pergola in soft greys and off-white. continue to 23 of 26 below. 23 of 26.

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a pergola is an overhang that can be used as a deck shelter or serve as a decorative and functional garden structure.attaching a pergola to your homes fascia board secures it to the home, giving it more stability. this project can be done alone or with assistance and requires a minimal level of construction skills

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this diy pergola not only attaches to your house for easy building, it offers you some shade. you can put this right there on the side of your house, or at the back door, and use it for your patio set. it has a roof so you are protected from too much sunlight and you can even sit outdoors in the summer during mild rains without worries of

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an outdoor pergola is a great addition to any garden, since it adds an elegant setting as well as provides shade in summer.pergolas have a long history, and were known to serve both a functional and an aesthetic purpose in past years. attaching an outdoor pergola to your house might sound complicated, but it is in fact quite strhtforward if you follow the steps below.

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stain or paint the 2-by-8-inch lumber that is now attached to the fascia to match your pergola. allow to dry for 24 hours. how to attach a porch roof to a house 3 how to install a roof mount basketball hoop 4 how to build a roof over a deck 5 how to convert a pergola into a roof