how to put a new floor in my lyon 18 foot boat

cheap fix for a rotten boat floor part 1 of 2 - youtube

cheap fix for a rotten boat floor part 1 of 2 installing new plywood if you intend to put carpet down be sure to see part 2 of 2 for this video series to learn the super easy way to cut your

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check out this boat i found for my fil. it's a 1983 starcraft aluminum boat - riveted. it needs some tlc but was a score from crslist. had one soft spot in the wood decking but it was just one

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the need for a new boat floor becomes inevitable when the floor has a soft, spongy feel that is a sure sign of dry rot. however, the need for replacing a boat floor does not mean the end of your boating days. you can replace your floor in a short amount of time and with minimal labor.

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then, use the electric saw to cut the stringers from the plywood sheet and fit them in the boat. screw them all together to create a solid frame and apply fiberglass matting all over it for waterproofing. step 3 - install the deck. it is always recommended to cut the deck flooring into separate sheets so that it will be much easier to install.

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replacing wood floor in alum. lund fishing boat hey, man, i like what you are saying. i have done lots of carpenter work, so it all sounds logical to me. would you go with 3/4 inch plywood for a nice steady ride, since the boat is light. my main question: will the epoxy and glass help protect that deck from water and thus rot ?

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you cannot repair the boat floor while rotten wood remains as it will only continue to rot. once you are confident that the rotten sections have been removed, you can start to repair the floor as needed. if you have the means and resources to remove a piece of the boat floor and replace it then that is the best thing you can do for the boat.

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it's very easy to put a new floor in most aluminum boats, so the down side of a low cost job not holding up long enough and needing to be done again isn't as critical as on a fiber glass boat. cheap exterior plywood and some kind of deck or porch paint for wood will hold up for several years and just use some sand as a non skid finish.

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re: installing floor in aluminum boat some 15 years ago, my son put a floor in an old starcraft v-hull aluminum boat with no problems. we still use the boat with the same floor, although the carpet has had to be replaced two or three times.

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i put starboard flooring in my boat. durable easy clean up and weather proof replacing the rotten floor of a 16 foot bow rider - duration: 20:51. 18:31. ryan moody fishing 113,420 views.

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re: floor replacement in a tracker bass boat having just finished rebuilding my lund, marine ply is the way to go covered with epoxy than carpet. i did alot of research and there is a big difference between exterior and marine ply. one thing that i learned is don't take short cuts, do it right the first time ..

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haul the boat out of the water; allow the hull to dry for a day. re-caulk the entire boat with special attention to the marked leaks. allow the caulk to cure according to the directions on the caulk label. test float the boat again to ensure the leaks are closed. haul the boat out and allow to dry for a day. prime and paint the boat.

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re: lund floor replacement if you want your floor to last a long time use marine ply 3/4' and epoxy all surfaces,than cover it with either marine carpet or vinyl flooring your choice, look at my lund restoration thread, lunds are by far the best built aluminum boat on the market.

how to install a floor in a v-hull boat gone outdoors

cut a strip of 1/8-inch plywood 4 inches wide. cut the factory edge from the sheet to insure that at least one edge is strht for use as a strhtedge. determine the desired height of the floor and subtract 1 1/2 inches from the height. mark the inside of the hull at the bow and stern at this adjusted height.

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if you're ready to get rid of that old moldy carpet in your tracker, you can--literally--lift the flooring out to make the change, then replace it with new carpet. the only problem you might face is that the old carpet may have been glued to the boat's deck panels. if not, all you need to do is is remove that old carpeting and put in new carpeting.

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cheap fix for a rotten boat floor part 2 of 2 installing new carpet mr diyguy123 you can always cut more off if the carpet is too big but you can't put it back on if you cut too much off

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re: replacing boat floor depends on how your floor got soft or rotten to begin with, usually when the floor is bad it has leaked into the hull of the boat, causing the stringers, support beams, to rot. most of the time this is all caused by leaving the boat in the weather.

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newer pontoon boats have reduced this dimension and some playpens go to the end of the deck. 72 28 72 and 24= 196 or 163 a 163 playpen on a 20 deck allows for 3 7 of usable deck space. you can decide how to allocate the space. a foot in the stern for gas tanks and two and a half feet up front.

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if you want texture for good wet foot traction, use a granulated texture on the paint or on the wet epoxy. the addition of 'glass will improve abrasion resistance and to a degree, water proofing too. for a really tough coating, use xynole, instead of 'glass cloth.

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to frame a floor that's 12 feet 3.7 m x 18 feet 5.5 m , you would need 4 12 ft 3.7 m sill plate boards, 4 18 ft 5.5 m rim joist boards, and 9 18 ft 5.5 m main floor joists. at most home improvement centers, you can also have your lumber cut to the desired specifications when you order it.

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spread the glue with a 1/4 or 1/8 notched trowel in one section. allow a few minutes for it to get tacky, then roll the carpet onto that section. then repeat in sections until you have covered the floor of the boat. next, apply pressure to force the glue up between the rows of knots on the back side of the carpet.

boat conversion -- lund ssv-18 to dream walleye boat

the other is attached to the rear left corner of the boat at the transom . these transducers are connected to an a-b switch fig. 10 that, in turn, connects to the sonar unit. the trolling motor person can instantly switch from one transducer to the other with a flip of the a-b switch mounted near the sonar .

how much would it cost to replace the floor in my boat

how much would it cost to replace the floor in my boat? i have a 17 ft. 1984 fiberglass center console boat that the floor has holes in. i would like to replace the floor in it. would it be cheaper to do it myself or have a boat repair shop do it.

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anything one man put into that boat, can be taken out, and put back by another man have faith my son. go and do what you want and take a lot of photos of your progress and what it looked like before you started. i've always used marine plywood for flooring. except in one boat i used cedar planks, but you'd use marine plywood.

boat conversion -- lund ssv-18 to dream walleye boat

for the side mount to work on my boat, i had to space it out at least 3/8-inch from the side of the boat. to do this, i bought a 3/8-inch thick plastic cutting board from a store with a kitchenwares department. i cut appropriate-size blocks from the cutting board with my jig saw and put a block underneath each mount, as can be seen in fig. 30.

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my son helped me reluctantly to re-rivet that keel piece back into place several times. finally it was just not possible to fix any longer. i had to find a welder and some pieces of scrap aluminum and had all that welded in place. what a job all that was. i should have sold the boat to the scrapyard and bought a new welded boat. anyway, i didnt.