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today's pergolas often have metal, thatch, polycarbonate or other types of roofs and can be either attached to the home or detached. detached pergolas can be square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal or even circular.

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take this short survey and get a free pergola plan. attached pergola attached pergolas are potentially the most inexpensive and easy to add to a yard. a basic one to provide patio style shade can have only two 5 square posts and still provide all the shade you need. for instance, some friends recently bought

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their roofing grid can remain open are be covered with weather-resistant canvas or vinyl sheeting for enhanced outdoor protection. they can also be either freestanding or attach to the side of your house. pergolas vs arbors. pergolas are often confused with arbors. the difference between a pergola and an arbor is that arbors are generally simpler, smaller structures, generally with curved arches and are almost always freestanding.

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this reviewer rated product 5 out of 5 stars. the pergola is quite handsome and adds character to our back patio. not a good shade cover, but it does block some light. our patio was not level so we had to add a block of wood to two leg supports which was tricky. we paid a handyman to put it together.

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posts for pergolas typically measure 4 by 4 inches or 6 by 6 inches in width, and larger posts increase the pergola's cost. the posts' height should be equal to the desired height of the pergola plus 30 inches. although the height depends upon your preference, 8 feet is a typical pergola height.

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outdoor pergola design, placement and tips. an outdoor pergola is often noted by its beautiful columns. this type of outdoor structure is commonly rectangular, but it can also be square or even round in shape.

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in terms of shape they are usually square or rectangular. square pergola kits can be found as small as 6.5 x 6.5, but more often 8 x 8, 10 x 10, and 12 x 12. rectangular options will typically be 8 x 10, 10 x 12, or 12 x 14, while some are even larger.

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pergolas pergolas are always custom made. but anything is possible. fixed against the wall of your house or standing on its own. the roof can be in wooden sticks or with the bamboo on roll. also with or without plastic to make it waterproof. the wooden structure can be in square or rectangular posts or round ones. please contact us for more

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the pergola. pergolas, also referred to as arbors, may be either wooden or wrought iron and feature open sides and tops. pergolas are either square or rectangular.

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people are often confused on the difference of pergolas and gazebos, and often interchange the two different terms. gazebos are typically round or octagonal and has a complete roof structure, while pergolas are typical square or rectangular in shape and has no permanent roof covering.


pergolas are also usually square or rectangular, and are often placed over a garden walkway. pergolas are typically made of wood but can also be constructed of vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum to increase weather resistance and durability.

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different variations on these backyard pergolas tend to offer uniquely shaped perimeter support frames. the basic structure may be square, rectangular, circular, or octagonal, depending on the availability of space in the backyard area, and the personal desires of the homeowners.

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most pergolas are square or rectangular, but its also possible to find circular or octagonal pergolas if youre looking for a new twist on the classic design. you also have your choice of several different roof designs with pergolas. traditional pergolas have a flat roof of slats, often in a lattice pattern, that is open to the sun.

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we are building to basically match the existing structures in a development here and we can not make big changes. the 1 x 2 rough mexican pine spaced 1' apart over beams is typical for shade down here. the pergola is usually finished a dark color to match the old style of finishing with tar and diesel fuel.

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traditionally, pergolas are square or rectangular. however, they can be shaped to suit your purpose or your yard. a circular path, for example, can provide a border and edge inspiration to a pergola, or a small pergola can cover a narrow walkway along the side of a house.

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while pergolas are designed to define a square or rectangular area in your outdoor space, theres more to a great pergola than these simple shapes. you can easily go beyond standard posts and cross beams to give your pergola a unique look and feel.

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pergolas are mostly square or rectangular structures, but you can find them in other shapes if desired. the key is to be sure what you are purchasing isn't too small for your needs or too large

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pergolas come in a wide range of shapes including rectangular, square, circular and more. square and rectangular shapes are the most popular designs since they are easiest to attach to the home and offer a more traditional look of a pergola. again, the size and structure of your lawn or garden should help determine what shape your pergola

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a pergola is typically a square, rectangular or arched structure that can be freestanding or mounted onto a house. they are often used to accent or to provide cover for entry ways, decks or patio areas. vertical posts support cross beams which can be left open or have a roof installed.


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pergolas can provide attractive, shaded areas for many uses, and can add to the value of your home. whether your ideal pergola is square or rectangular, modern or traditional, metal or wood, the design possibilities are endless.

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a major architectural structure, pergolas consist of rafters, beams, and posts, and can be attached or detached to a house. while opinions vary on what differentiates it from a gazebo , usually a gazebo is freestanding and has a pitched roof, while a pergola's roof is flat.