how to landscape under unlevel deck

how to level the ground for pavers: 15 steps with pictures

how to level the ground for pavers. available at most home improvement and supply stores, pavers are small, specialty stones that can transform any yard or garden into a work of art. like all outdoor decor, pavers require some preparation

how to landscape around a back deck diy

how to landscape around a back deck. when designing your outdoor living area, don't forget to plan for climate, weather habits, maintenance, soil type and lighting. well-placed lights can make the area safer for evening entertaining, as well as create a great atmosphere. be sure to design your outdoor space to compliment the house, especially if it is attached to it.

147 best under deck ideas images under decks, outdoor

under deck ideas - atlanta decks and fences from atlanta decking and fence company storage under open porch lattice. built by atlanta decking fence. your deck and utility isn and limited to what and up top. under deck storage keeps items sheltered while maximizing space. browse our under deck storage options.

how to establish a level grade line for landscaping

in this video, this old house landscape contractor roger cook shares three methods for laying out perfectly level lines. steps: 1. push wire ground flags into the lawn to mark the four corners of the building project. 2. pound wooden grade stakes into the ground about 2 feet away from each ground flag. 3.

tips for building deck stairs on uneven ground

this helps to keep the stringers aligned, which add stability to the steps you're building. falling down steps can be dangerous, and therefore, safety is a top priority, especially when it comes to building deck stairs on uneven ground. cut your own stringers . don't use pre-cut stringers from your local lumberyard when you're building deck stairs.

how to landscape under a deck

landscaping under a deck can solve these issues and help improve the overall curb appeal of the home. skill level:moderately easy. things you need. landscaping fabricgravelshade loving plants. instructions. 1 clear out any existing foliage under the deck. typically, weeds and other foliage will be present in these areas.

how to raise an uneven or sloping deck

this video was made in response to a question someone e-mailed me about how they could repair a sloping or uneven deck. they can actually be done relatively easy with the correct sized jack and

how to landscape under unlevel deck

how to landscape under unlevel deck. how to build your own elevated deck on uneven - dengarden oct 16 2014 i'm way too cheap to pay that. we built this 8 x 20 elevated deck for just under five hundred. that's a fraction of what the professionals wanted.

how to landscape the area under a raised deck home

when a raised deck is part of your outdoor space, the area underneath it doesn't have to go to waste. while you could leave it bare, landscaping it creates yet another green space in your yard

31 best under deck landscaping images patio, under decks

under deck rooms and spiral deck stairs are two of the best design ideas to under deck in front of kitchen add on would be entrance to basement. if we eventually put in steps from the deck, spiral would be ideal. flat roof porch with railings on top click logo to learn 3 season room under deck house remodel pinterest see more

landscaping ideas to transform the area around your deck

making a deck look beautiful can really make a house. not only for those looking from the yard but also some quick landscaping can give some privacy or create a bit more of a barrier. however you want to finish off your deck then here are some great landscaping ideas around decks to help get you started.

how to solve an uneven surface deck installation

hold back the edges of the perimeter by putting landscaping stakes into the soil. put another 4 inches of gravel finely crushed to the dug up area. level the area again with the rake; this should fix the uneven surface ground, creating a more ideal base where the deck can be installed.

slope under deck

slope under deck got a heavy slope under a deck i'm building. owner did a cut and fill to level the yard. we're building deck past the slope. slope is 4 ft drop over a span of 8 ft. id say 40 degrees or so. any recommendations to avoid erosion over time.

how to build an elevated deck on uneven ground dengarden

in fact, the entire thing slopes down. you have to measure from the ground up for each post in regards to how high to attach the 2' x 6' boards. the posts near the stairs are on higher ground that the ones on the other side by almost a foot. from one side of the stairs to the other is a 10 1/2-inch slope.

21 landscaping ideas for slopes

4. holding it back with bricks. in this particular case, it looks like someone carved out a nice flat space for a small deck and flower gardens. lumber was then used to create a retaining wall to hold back the rest of the slope. the tiered slope also provides a windbreak for whoever is sitting in the chair.

using shims to level the deck surface

because the size of joists can vary from board-to-board, you may want to install wood shims to raise the position of decking over low joists. high joists may require you to plane down the surface height of the joist to accommodate a level floor height. as the decking ties the frame together,

how to landscape a sloping backyard diy

the owners decided to increase the deck space by eliminating the lower planting bed that bordered one half of the house. now the multi-level deck stretches across the entire back of the townhome.

how to landscape under a deck hunker

pour rock or gravel over the landscaping material and around the plants. this will help in two ways. first, it will help anchor the landscaping material to the ground and hide the material. second, it will also help with drainage underneath the deck.

installing deck lattice on unlevel ground

installing deck lattice on unlevel ground how to install lattice around the bottom of a house home guides , drive a small stake, screwdriver or similar object into the ground where the plumb , in significantly uneven areas, mark either end and connect with a strht line to , how to install a framed lattice panel onto a deck post; vinyl lattice fence,

tips for building a deck on a sloped site better homes

how to frame the deck. once you've found and laid the footings, the next step in building your deck is to install posts, beams, and joists. the key for this step is to keep your work level, plumb, and strht. accurate work ensures a stronger, safer deck.

building a deck on uneven ground

having a deck or patio on your property is a good way of enjoying fresh air during summer days but if you have uneven ground in your yard, building one might pose some complications. the key to building a good deck is to have a properly prepared foundation, and doing it on the ground that is not even is a common problem with most homeowners.

stone and landscape fabric under deck

it is not critical that you did not perfectly smooth out the stone and earth underneath your deck. the landscape fabric should provide a good barrier under the pea stone. however, it would look nicer if you did try to smooth it out.

how to landscape with uneven ground home guides sf gate

use the uneven ground to your advantage when planning flower beds, planting sun-loving plants on raised ground and shade-loving plants in the valleys in the landscape. with careful planning, you can use the plants on high ground to add shade to shade-loving plants.

how to landscape under a deck

cut the landscaping material to fit and make sure to leave an additional inch or two of fabric to go up against the house. otherwise, weeds will grow in the space between the foundation and the fabric. 3 select shade loving plants. even though the area under the deck may appear dark, it still receives some light.

tips for building deck stairs on uneven ground

it makes it easy to go from the house to ground level, despite the uneven ground underneath. the deck will attach to the house above the ground. align the stringers correctly . stringers act like ladders steps and are necessary to help hold your deck stairs in place. when they fall on uneven ground they can become misaligned over time.

how to build a diy floating deck in a sloped backyard

step 2. then, following the plan, we set the concrete deck blocks in their designated spaces, 12 of them. the entire area was then covered with landscape fabric, because the last thing i wanted to deal with were those pesky weeds. we then added a 2-in. layer of gravel to be sure nothing would grow there.

how to establish a level grade line for landscaping

in this video, this old house landscape contractor roger cook shares three methods for laying out perfectly level lines. steps: 1. push wire ground flags into the lawn to mark the four corners of the building project. 2. pound wooden grade stakes into the ground about 2 feet away from each ground flag.