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pergola footing. hello, im about to build my timber pergola with the base going to be concrete. im not sure if i should first concrete the pergola posts into the ground and then get the conrete ground poured or should i get the concreter when pouring the concrete to put in the stirrups in? the size will be 10.5 x 5.3 metres with a gable roof.

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hi all, can anyone elaborate on the way the footing size is determined for pergolas? there is a dependency between the roof area supported by each post, the type of the awning attached or free standing and the footing size.

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hi, i am in the process of designing for a deck and awning and would like to konw the typical deck's concrete footing depth. i live in western sydney and i'm fairly sure that we don't experience much frost. each footing supports an area of less than 4m^2 and the footing area is 300mm in dia. thank you

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the post length must go into the footing, with a minimum footing depth of 230mm. the footing diameter should be three times the diameter of the post being placed. place each post into a hole and wedge them into position. check the posts are the right height and are plumb and in line with the other posts. 3. concrete requirements for large jobs

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i'm building an oak pergola which will sit on a paved terrace. the terrace construction is 25mm indian sandstone slabs on 50mm moist-mix bedding on min 150mm dtp type 1 sub-base. overall size 80m2 with 16 15cmx15cm pergola posts, in an 8x2 formation, tied to each other with longitudinal beams and cross rafters at 600mm centres.

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this pergola post information includes info about post lengths and post installation. more information when trying to decide your post length for your wood pergola kit, the most important is to look at where you live and your average frost depth.

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concrete footings. if you wish to install your pavilion or pergola in an area without a concrete slab foundation, you will need to dig post holes to accommodate concrete footings. footings are also useful if you wish to install your pergola or pavilion over an existing paver patio. all structures need to be anchored to concrete footers.

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here's how to plan and post a perfect pergola. 40-inch-deep holes for footings, or whatever depth will reach below frost line in your climate. for drainage, pour and pack 4 inches of gravel

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building a covered patio, how deep should posts be? i'm thinking of 4 posts encased with concrete to a depth of 4'. is that deep enough? how much concrete should surround each post? no matter where you are located. i have seen too many decks that heaved, or settled, because the footings were not deep enough. enjoy your deck. scroll to top.

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any one of the above concrete deck footings could be visually improved with the 'evolution' compression post base made by titan building products. if you have a support post that is in a high visibility area, why use the old style post saddles that wrap all around the post?

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you will find the required footing size for your posts on your plans. dig a hole to these dimensions at every point that a post is required. it is important that you make sure that your footings are the correct size as they are essential in anchoring your pergola in extreme weather conditions. fit the post and pour concrete

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i'm in earthquake country, so i like pouring my own piers footings , sized based on site soil and structure load, concrete coped away from the base of the posts to shed water away minimizing moisture contact. you didn't provide a pic or description of the pergola style, so i have no idea of the load, but 8x14 is not very intimidating for a