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flooring doesn't have to be boring and basic. it can also be another way to bring art into your home, and you can be as creative with you floors as you are with your walls.

floored genius - luxury poured resin flooring cutting

poured resin flooring is a cutting edge flooring solution which combines beauty with true functionality. stand out from the crowd on a poured resin floor. floored genius have agreed to take on a unit in the container village to showcase our products and allow potential clients to view our flooring and surface finishes.

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peran sl is a colourful and self smoothing epoxy resin floor finish ideal for a minimalist contemporary environment. this eye-catching, joint free system is suitable for use in areas subjected to foot traffic, such as retail stores and restaurants.

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our poured resin flooring and polished concrete floors set the benchmark for quality, finish and most importantly installation excellence in our attention to detail. more and more architects, interior designers and homeowners are choosing either poured resin or polished concrete flooring as the canvas for their domestic or commercial design.

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all resin floors are easy to clean and more durable than other floor types, but pmma resin flooring is the easiest to repair if any damage does occur. resin flooring is an optimum choice for many industries, whether the primary requisite is ease, durability, longevity, hygiene or a combination of factors.

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advantages of installing resin flooring

resin flooring is a unique type of flooring material that has a distinct advantage over standard flooring items. resin floors are attractive and durable. unfortunately for many homeowners and do-it-yourself remodelers, resin floors are oftentimes difficult to come by and may be difficult to install as well.