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fill rot with epoxy. when the rot at the joints between the railings and the posts or the posts and the deck itself isn't far advanced, you can prevent it from spreading by digging it out with a screwdriver or paint scraper and filling the cavity. the best filler for this purpose if two-part epoxy filler.

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how to repair a wrought iron railing - re-embedding loose railings in concrete cut the loose railing free with a reciprocating saw. use a hammer drill to remove the railing remnants from the concrete. buy leg extension inserts that match the current railing. cut the damaged railing bottoms and

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in this video i will show you how to replace rotted hand railings on porch steps and the rest of the porch as well as a rotted column that supports a porch roof.

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wood glue on the back of the poplar overlay boards and screws up through the bottom, the sides or even the top brace the rail and bring it flush with the new wood. keep the pieces clamped together until the glue dries. an orbital sander is handy to prepare the rail for a new weatherproof finish when dry.

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work from the porch. position the pine stabilizer horizontally and flat against the balusters, about one foot below the rotted railing. attach the stabilizer to a baluster near the center of the section of railing, using the deck screw. install an additional screw through the stabilizer at each baluster.

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nail the block in place through the railing and from below the deck. paint or stain the block to match your railing. use as many of these supports as you need for the length of the railing.

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how to replace metal porch railings in concrete loosen and remove the existing anchor bolts where the base of the posts attach to lift off the railing assembly and lay it flat on the ground. take the ding to an ornamental iron-works shop and have the new railing fabricated using position

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nail or screw the spindles in from the bottom of the rail image 1 , then repeat on the top rail with the same spacing. reuse the top hand rail and connect the balustrade to the columns using 2 1/2 inch galvanized finish nails, or stainless steel screws. use the two-part polyester wood filler as needed to patch any holes image 2 .

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repairing decks and railings replace broken deck boards. d a square line on the decking to one side of a joist below. strengthen wobbly posts. drill two 1/2-in. holes through the post and framing. stiffen a bouncy deck. snap lines for blocks every 3 to 4 ft. along the joist span. replace

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deck handrails can get weathered and damaged faster than other deck components. this video from the honest carpenter will show you how to replace your deck handrails with new, treated lumber. tools:

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the steps for how to fix a loose metal railing post are: remove any rust from the loose railing and bolt holes until only metal is visible. tighten any loose screws or bolts. remove old damaged bolts and widen holes if necessary. replace old bolts with new carriage bolts. fill with anchoring cement or metal epoxy.

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to clean painted railings, wash them with a strong solution of household detergent and water. then rinse. apply the solution with a cloth, sponge or small bristle scrub brush.

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mark the rail position on the posts, and remove the damaged railing. position the new rail against the inside of the stairway posts. align the rail with the top rear corner of the top post and with the mark on the lower post. have a helper attach the rail temporarily with deck screws.

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iron railings are a classic way to provide safety for porch steps and edges. keeping up with the maintenance on them is the best way to prolong the life of your railings. once joints begin to move it is a downhill slide to the point of 'beyond repair'. making repairs as soon as you notice them will

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steps to replace a porch column step 1 - detach the balustrade if applicable separate the porch balustrade railings from the porch column. to do so, use a hack saw or reciprocating saw to cut the screws or nails holding the balustrade to column. take care not to damage the top and bottom rails.

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deck railing posts, usually made of heavy 4-by-4 inch lumber, may tend to wobble a bit, an undesirable feature where safety is concerned. posts often benefit from reinforcement, especially those located on an end joist, which tend to wobble the most. you can reinforce deck railing posts during initial construction or as a retrofit if problems

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don't replace old porch rails if you can fix them for a fraction of the cost. splits and cracks large pieces of wood almost always crack when exposed to weather long enough.

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you dont have to let a split, rotted or otherwise ugly deck board ruin the appearance of your deck. simply replace it and in a year or so the replacement will blend right in. you usually dont have to replace an entire board in deck repair work. just make sure to cut out a piece that spans at

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how to repair a rotting porch railing step 1 - remove the rotten board. remove the board and examine the extent of the rot. step 2 - drill holes in the board. the wood must be thoroughly dry before going any further. step 3 - coat with wood hardener. coat the surrounding area and into the holes

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how to restore a porch railing step 1: replace the existing flat bottom rail. step 2: add a bevel to the spindles. step 3: reassemble the balustrade.

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for this repair project we milled interlocking tongue-and-groove boards from treated lumber to replace the original rotted porch boards. i decided to replace the entire side of porch flooring with the exception of a roughly 4-ft. span that i could tell was the original porch flooring from when the house was built in 1880.

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tighten the hardware on the rail brackets. the top railing is typically held to the post with small screws or bolts. use pliers and a wrench or screwdriver to snug up the hardware. start at either end of the railing. the ends provide most of the strength for the railing and tightening them frequently solves the whole problem.

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how to fix loose deck railing. if your deck railing is loose or wobbly, it is probably the result of a weak rail post connection to the deck frame. posts should be connected to the deck framing with lag screws or bolts at a minimum. screws or nails are not generally acceptable. if your rail posts are mounted to the interior of the frame,